From Probate Sharks–Who is protecting Miriam Solotevich?

Barzilai, Why didn’t Miriam Solo and her siblings advise the Florida Probate Court that they had a brother, Mordecai Faskowitz?

Editor’s note: If one reads the obit of Marjorie G. Ivy’s sister, one realizes that there is a huge extended Ivy Family residing in Indiana. From the many swirls in the Shark Pool, we know that lots of Ivy’s are presently reading this blog. 

If, in essence,  Mordy’s siblings owe Mordy a large sum of money, it is apparent that there are laws governing victim’s and victim’s families’ rights to be monetarily reimbursed. Mordy may be a solvent individual.  Your ProbateShark suggests that the Ivys or the Ivy’s attorneys  contact the Illinois States’ Attorneys office to explore these possibilities.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Barzilai, Why didn’t Miriam Solo and her siblings advise the Florida Probate Court that they had a brother, Mordecai Faskowitz? 

Barzilai, Why didn’t Miriam stop at Zach Fardon’s office and confess while she was at the Federal Building Tuesday?

Barzilai, Why didn’t Miriam  stop at Zach Fardon’s office and confess while she was at the Federal Building Tuesday? Hundreds of viewers are watching and wondering.  LV

P.S. Your ProbateShark was just informed that Miriam was ordered to be in Federal Court Thursday A.M….so she could easily run upstairs to Zach’s office and cleanse her soul…

What boggles this fish brain is that even though we know the “authorities” read this blog and it is self evident that Miriam excluded her disabled brother, Mordecai Faskowitz from his inheritance, nothing is being done to punish her. Why? Why is she being protected? Could it be that Miriam has connections to high offices? Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Barzilai’s clipping.

From Joanne:
I am still trying to figure out why there is a Chicago media black out on how poor 99 year old Alice Gore had 29 gold teeth pulled from her head, a feeding tube installed against her will, placement in a nursing home against her will (she wanted to live with her daughter Bev Cooper) and her estate was missing $1.5 million documented.  She was isolated from 20+ family and friends for over 10 months.  No one could see or talk to her.
Note the Complete Suntimes/Tribune media blackout on this amazing case.  I have all the records, why are these reporters so shy.  The cases involve a million or more, for sure this is big news, but somehow, in Chicago, this is all passed over.
No wonder why no one wants to buy mega media any longer with the internet.  The internet is organic and this news eventually reaches everyone anyway.  The real problem, though is that we eventually end up with a complete distrust of mega media in the end.
Next, you can couple that with a distrust of our authorities.  Jerome Larkin (head Administrator of the Ill. Atty. Regn and Disciplinary Comm) knew of repeated complaints and did nothing.  He did nothing about a similarly egregious case, Mary G Sykes, who was isolated, there was no jurisdiction, no service of summons, complaint, notice to next of kin, POA’s were terminated without due process and ignored, $1 million in gold coins disappeared an all discovery quashed. Then, after 5 years and plenty of warning, perhaps over one thousand by myself and Ken Ditkowsky–she was eventually murdered and narcotized to death.  None of the lawyers (Peter Schmeidel, Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, Debra Jo Soehlig were even investigated, nor were the judges–Judge Connors and Judge Stuart, though Judge Stuart would later resign after she lied on the stand at my trial about chaining poor Gloria Sykes, a protective daughter, in her ante room and having her deputies threaten her with euthanizing her pets.)
All of this has been published on this blog.  Numerous complaints have been filed.
But what do the authorities do? They have Jerome Larkin come after myself and Ken and charge us with lying about the Mary Sykes case which is preposterous. There  are about half dozen or more witnesses the blog is correct about the case and it warned they would kill off poor Mary in the end.   So what does Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek and Melissa Smart do?  They strike my expert witnesses, my family witnesses, they ignore the testimony of Kathie Bakken and her mother Yolanda, and say that this blog lies when everyone else in their right mind knows it does not.
Jerome Larkin uses Rule 8.3 unconstitutionally as a sword to say that the blog lied when in fact he knows it to be the truth, he refuses consistently to investigate with probate cases because these people are old and infirm and he knows they will be eliminated as witnesses in the end.
It’s all so sad and disgusting, I don’t know when to begin.
But everyone involved that does not care and does not work to fix this horrific system should have a  PET brain scan for psychopathy.  Psychopathy is now estimated to be the biggest threat to health, welfare and safety, they now have a PET  brain scan for it and we have to act to contain these people.  Judges and lawyers have a very high rate of psychopathy and I think we are seeing that in the courtroom now.  I have published my scores on my facebook account, I would like to see the scores of the rest of the attorneys out there.  Why are I and Ken and Candice Schwager the only attorneys fighting this?  Why is Jill Soderman one of the few PsyhD’s willing to help us all out. Where are the rest fighting all of this?

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