From JMD — Motion to Reconsider and Demand to do the right thing

As many of you know, the ARDC obtained a judgment against me for $18,554 for mostly unlicensed court reporters–which is clearly against the law in Illinois.

They never disclosed to me or anyone else they were breaking this law from
February of 2013 to the present day, and as of June 29, 2016, they continue to deny they have done anything wrong–that the trust funds of the ARDC may be used to pay unlicensed court reporters and obtain false judgments.

Such a situation is absolutely horrendous and terrifying.

As each of you know, this blog tells nothing but the truth.  No citizen has challenged it.  The group of lawyers that have gone in league with the ARDC to challenge it have a horrid reputation and are or have been on NASGA’s most wanted list–which is not a laudatory position.

Here is the link to my most recent filing:

I guess the only question is how much corruption will the Illinois Supreme Court tolerate from the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission until they put their foot down. Surely they must know that their reputation for allowing the ARDC to commit fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice is quickly making the public angry, it further denigrates the already well maligned legal profession, and they are doing nothing to stop the downward spiral.

As in a typical railroaded proceeding, they struck my discovery, they struck my 5 expert witnesses, they struck my preferred attorney, Ken Ditkowsky, making up a pretextual disqualification he might testify when you know there would not be a chance in you-know-what of that. Then they struck Gloria Sykes’ testimony and that of Scott Evans who would have made excellent witnesses.  At the review board hearing, they told the court reporter not to set up, and she did.  Obviously only unlicensed court reporters can set up in the ARDC hearing rooms.

Jerome Larkin and Steven Splitt (a John Marshall Law School Ethics professor) both say they teach ethics courses.  What ethics could these two possibly be teaching?  At one time, Steven Splitt filed something on my appeal, I think he’s supposed to be the appellate litigator, but he has not filed anything recently.  I think this case is even too much for him to stomach.  No bounds for Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek, they just go full steam on the ridiculous pleadings, lack of justice and lack of accountability.

As of this date, the ARDC sadly has not announced that it is complying with the 2009 Illinois Ethics Act Reporting Act. Why does Illinois have to comply?  Please see this article:

Most citizens want to know all sources of income for their state workers.  Today, large envelopes of cash are not handed over the table, or under the table or slipped into a drawer or the judge’s coat pockets. It is done through the property records.  One person takes out a loan, the other pays it off.  If you skipped the article, Jerome Larkin has several $750,000 loans on his Wilmette home and last year put it into Tenancy by the Entireties. For those of you that don’t know this T by E is used when one spouse may have significant debts or may be worried about personal liability or a bankruptcy. T by E protects your home from creditors who have judgments against one spouse but not the other.

The signs are all over this.  Unlicensed court reporters, suppression of first amendment rights, striking of major witnesses, striking of a skilled attorney. Where is the states attorney Lisa Madigan and Anita Alvarez in all of this debacle of 3 years?  Apparently sleeping.

Make no mistake, none of this is going away. It’s all Fraud on the Court. Fraud on the Court has no limitations period.  It can be brought up the 1st, 5th, 500th day of a trial court proceeding, and also on the 1st, 5th or 10th appeal.  My case and Ken Ditkowsky’s case and Mr. Lanre Amu’s case will have to be dealt with.

Just as the 20 or so videos of Chicago Police shooting unarmed black men on the South Side were suppressed for scores of months, my case will have to be dealt with.

It’s all Fraud on the Court. Putting the “fix” on things can only go so far. There are always witnesses.  In this case, scores of witnesses in Illinois whose loved ones were the target of “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, cremate” will never forget their loved ones. The inactions of the ARDC and particularly Jerome Larkin has led to the deaths and at risk of death situations for scores of Illinois disabled senior citizens.

This must end.  And I am sworn to bring back integrity, accountability and justice to this overly beleagured justice system in Illinois that has so very many problems.


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