Protective orders, gag orders and secret lists have NO place in our nation’s court system.

Dear R*****;

I have published on this before.  A strong and open and democratic court system is essential to a democracy. I am currently putting together a file of a woman LV who in 2004 said she objected to her guardianship and therefore should have been assigned an atty and she was not.  Judge Maureen Connors said in her evidence depositions that she only appoints attorneys for guardians “when she really believes that they need one.”  They then went and sold her precious home for $200,000 and wiped out a $150,000 trust fund and now she lives in a boarding house where they swipe her Link card every month.  Disgusting.  Preying on the indigent.

Later, when she found an attorney, the court still refused to dismiss, and they would not vacate the order of guardianship–despite the fact she objected to the guardianship and that is the law.  It was taken up on appeal and went no where.  So much for protecting the elderly, the disabled and soon to be poor.

We admit there are predatory lenders, predatory “banks”, predatory credit card agreements, etc.  But we rarely if ever hear of predatory guardianships entered by a court that only wants to sell a paid up home and wipe out a bank account with fees from persons and entities whose names come from secret lists of expensive entities that are not rated, reviewed, or subject to control of any sort.

R***, my blog is essential to making sure people know the law and the truth.  That the courts are fair and open and accessible to all.  That Gloria or anyone else can bring her dog to a deposition or court or where ever she needs comfort and stress relief for her condition.   That people know that witness tampering, obstruction of justice and spoliation of evidence (transcripts missing portions) are serious wrongful actions in the court.

Those are all the law.

My blog fights to give the little guy the law ans watch the courts and make sure that it happens.

Closed court rooms, gag orders and anything that obstructs or hinders justice has absolutely no place in the US–or any other country for that matter.

What you went through is wrong, just plain wrong and I pray for you and the other probate victims, and send you angels and I light candles for you and wish you blessings and peace.


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