Gloria asks today, where is justice for her and her mother?

Sent: Aug 30, 2013 10:46 AM
To: “” , YJ Draiman
Cc: NASGA , LUCIUS VERENUS , “” , “” , “” , “” , “”
Subject: RE: Moral Punishment for a Moral Failure?

Dear Mr. Draiman, Gov. to be of California

I lived in Los Angeles for at least 25 years before returning to Chicago when my daddy was diagnosed with a rare Melanoma: he was a healthy, mentally sharp, active 90-year old, long retired from the CPD who, not only invested his life savings in gold and silver coins, and in real estate, but also made certain that his wife, my Mother, Mary G. Sykes, would never be without the finances to live a full, unencumbered, long, healthy productive lives.  Carolyn Toerpe, my sister, who has been aided by the Cook County Courts to steal, emotionally and physically harm, and otherwise, slowly murder ‘our’ mother, was estranged from the family since and about 1996:  she is the respondent to a protective order authored by my Mother, and many complaints filed against Toerpe by my Mother, as Mother learned Toerpe was not only financially exploiting her, but depriving Mother of her assets.

I on the other hand, worked my entire life, and also generated a nice nest egg for my retirement – beyond what my daddy left me. As I write to you, my sister, Toerpe, has not only pauperized my mother and to do so, isolated her from all people she trusts and loves, including me, but also, pauperized me.  How does this happen that a court lacking subject matter jurisdiction can authorize the seizing of non-party’s assets, and the convert over $200,000 of a medical fund to the name of In the Estate of Mary G. Sykes, and name Toerpe the sole beneficiary?  How is it that a Court lacking jurisdiction can enter an order granting Toerpe possession of Mother’s home in spite of all of he legal documents in place authored by my Mother, and verified by the Courts, seel Mother’s home that is in a living revocable trust?  How is it that a Court that lacks subject matter jurisdiction can collaterally attack a final order in 2013 that was entered in 2008, with a testimony of a physician who had never met or even tested my mother? How is it that Toerpe’s husband Fred Toerpe can beat the crap out of me with witnesses, a police investigation commands a warrant for his arrest and a protective order, and yet the Cook County State’s Attorney protect Fred Toerpe, and has the criminal charges against him dismissed?  How is it that Toepre’s attorneys, the law firm of Fischel and Kahn, (Peter Schmiedel, Deborah Jo Soehlig, Amanda Bryne, et. al), and GAL’s Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern, can accuse me of stealing $1.3 million dollars from my mother, accuse me of being the physical and emotional abuser of my mother, and LIE to every judge they go before, an the Illinois ARDC sweeps every complaint I and other interested persons write, under the rug, and Mother’s attorney and friend, who Mother requested represent her, be disbarred because he asks for an honest investigation?  How is it that a court lacking subject matter jurisdiction can willy-nilly grant Toerpe an order to sell my home and take all of the equity in the home?  How is it that both my mother and I have been raped by the Courts without due process of law, and not one law enforcement agency gives a damn — and each one believes Toerpe rather than the facts?

This goes beyond moral failure, and is a direct attack on our United States and Illinois Constitutions and all that we as Americans claim we stand for.  This is treason against he Constitution — a sense of a n American Holocaust, or American terrorism — that unless stopped, will cause the annihilation of a generation of people, including the Baby-boom generation, that has established wealth.  This is against all pubic policy set up not just in Illinois, but California, New York, Arizona, et al. When our governmental agencies ignore these travesties, in order to protect the justices protected by the political elite, one must ask, can we stop this or, is it a incurable cancer?

Growing old in America should not be a bad thing — but it is.  Given there are other emotionally and mentally ill people in the world, such as my sister, Carolyn Toerpe, who, investigators told me was institutionalized 20 years ago, and used the name of Mary C. Sykes  with her husband the POA of medical.  (It was not my mother, by the way).  If any person did an investigation on Toerpe, would they learn what my investigators told me that she was ‘kicked out’ of the classroom because of serious emotional issues and many complaints by student’s parents: that she took a leave of that the Union protected her and she was able to be transferred to a lower paying position with the title of guidance counselor, and yet, keep her base pay plus added income appropriate for the new position, which provided Toerpe with an income 50% over the pay scale.  That Toerpe LIED to the court as well as non-medical and medical doctors, claiming that she is a PhD, psychologist: that Toerpe actually was asked to leave, retire early or took an early retirement because she had the wealth she needed to live above her status (her husband has been unemployed for a long time, but told the Court he was retiring: how does a person retire from unemployment).  That Toerpe has filed Four FRAUDULENT Inventories on Mother’s assets and property and claimed expenses that were never made — including claiming for three years Mother had o Blue Cross Blue Shield and therefor, Toerpe had to pay over $10,000 in medical cost in 2010 and almost as much in 2011. That most recently, in front of 4 witnesses and a staff at the Sunrise Senior Living LLC in Naperville, Toerpe overtly physically and verbally abused my Mother, and yet, with the help of Adam Stern, not only got Sunrise Staff to sign fraudulent affidavits, but also, reported to the Court that it was I who verbally and abused my mother on June 22, 2013.

Now my mother is hidden from all people who love and who she trusts and loves.  In Illinois hiding an elder or child, or any person for that matter is kidnapping, but the Cook Cournty and DuPage County States Attorney offices don’t care: the Naperville Police is protecting Teorpe, and the DuPage County Sheriff’s department is aiding Toerpe as Fred Toerpe’s son, Robert Toerpe is a DuPage County sheriff!  In the real world, Toerpe would have been arrested and charged with Fenony 2, but instead, she’s so empowered, she is looking for a way to murder my mother and blame me or Aunt Yo, or somebody else, so she can collect the final $200,000 + she stole from my medical account — as the court made her the sole beneficiary as it converted the money from a non-party Indiana account to the Clerk of Cook County in re the Estate of Mary G. Sykes.

Now I’m babbling, but as you run for Gov. of Los Angeles, I will share your concerns and drive to stop court sanctioned abuses of the elderly and disabled in California with a many friends and colleagues who still reside in LA area.  Suffice, thank you for listening — although I don’t know if you have any answers and my not be able to do anything until you are voted in and is the Governor of California…

To close, here is a an open letter written by my cousin to Toerpe and her attorneys….

Open Letter to the Guardian, Guardian’s Attorney, and Both Court Appointed GAL’s

Shame on you.  Shame on ALL of you.  The arrogance and cruelty you have showered upon my mother has reached a new subterranean level by even the subpar standards applied in this guardianship.

You have the gall to allow an eighty-three year old woman to believe she would be able to visit with her ninety-four year old sister today –  for a meager one hour visit allowed by the guardian. Then, at the last minute, you pull the rug out from under her?    If there was ANY issue regarding supervision, this should have been dealt with weeks ago.

May I remind ALL of you, Judge Connor’s reprimanded the guardian on more than one occasion to be sure that her mother was NOT being isolated or kept apart from her family.  You have all had the audacity to lead Judge Stuart to believe that my Aunt is not being isolated, when in fact, you know the opposite is true.

You have been complicit in the viciousness and spitefulness with which a tyrannical daughter has separated her mother from the people whom she loves and cherishes.  Your aiding and abetting of the guardian’s actions has allowed her to punish her own mother for crimes unknown, while at the same time inflicting emotional pain throughout what was once a peaceful and loving family.

In your eagerness to have my Aunt guardianized, you erred grossly and placed her with the one person whom she asked to be protected from.  It is time you step up to the plate, and do the right thing.

As Judge Stuart has said, you are the ‘XXX.’

Thank you

Gloria Jean Sykes
Bon Ami Productions, Inc.


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