Hear Atty Ken Ditkowsky on Feet to Fire discuss Elder and Ethics Cleansing in the US!

From: kenneth ditkowsky <kenditkowsky@yahoo.com>

Subject: Re: Tomorrow on Feet to the Fire

It appears that this is not the first time something like this has occurred.  CBS did an interview when this first started – I believe the cover story for not airing the interview was that the tape got destroyed.    Videos of Mary Sykes disappeared from one of the social media postings = they are back up.    It appears that the removal could be traced to one of our miscreants.    John Wyman was supposed to appear on another CBS program – naturally that never occurred.     Today we have the coincidence of this particular show not being heard.
All these coincidences are getting a little tiresome.    Someone with tremendous clout is involved in making all these coincidences!   We have here in the Sykes and related cases an assault on American core principles that rivals 9/11.    Thousands of seniors are being herded into nursing homes and guardianships to be stripped of their liberty and property,    After  the last dollar – or in the case of Alice Gore – her last gold filling is removed – the seniors are subjected to retro-active abortion.    Mary Sykes is now being processed!   She is totally isolated from her home (which was sold to someone connected with a very famous Alderman), her gold coins worth in excess of a million dollars are gone – and not inventoried, and the rest of her assets have (we are informed) found their way into much more deserving hands than Mary’s!    To accomplish the final solution Mary has been hidden away and no longer has been seen or heard from by anyone who cares!    How long Mary will have the will to live – is an open question!
Unfortunately Mary Sykes is not unique or an anomaly.     She is becoming common-place and prey for the miscreants who are part of the cottage industry of ‘elder cleansing.’   I wrote Senator Kirk and Senator Durbin concerning it.    Kirk’s office showed interest, however Durbin sent me a copy of some idiotic speech that he delivered on social security.    Who cares about Mary’s social security when for four years her liberty and property has been taken from her.   Who case about her social security when it goes to pay the miscreants who took from Mary her liberty and property.
I understand the program has been rescheduled for new week.    As I keep mentioning the theft of about a million dollars in gold coins and continue to point out that the guardian had an amazing pecuniary change after being appointed by the Court  (which incidentally lacked jurisdiction) = all coincidences !.    I wonder how they will stop new week’s broadcast?
Keith – I am not bitter!    Piece by piece the word is getting out and piece by piece the miscreants will get what they deserve.   There is a special place in HELL for out miscreant friends.   No one ever gets out of this life alive!
Ken Ditkowsky


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