From Gloria, the Ethically Challenged IARDC

Dear Readers:

This is from Gloria and it refers to the fact that Ken’s Tribunal, once again and after the disclosure of 43 Facts the Tribunal got Wrong, still made egregious errors in it’s decision.  I will soon be publishing an update to the “43 Facts the Tribunal got Wrong” and add in this one (which I caught already, there is absolutely no evidence to that effect and in fact, Mary’s drivers licenses appears to be in good standing through some time in 2008.  Gloria believes she then renewed it for some trip, but we have not been able to find those records.

In any case, read on and thanks Gloria for your submission, it is very good:


Sent: Aug 6, 2013 8:09 AM
To: kenneth ditkowsky
Cc: DiAnn Matson , Lawrence Hyman , JoAnne Denison , NASGA , Tim NASGA , probate sharks , “ACLU@ACLU.ORG” , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk
Subject: Re: Our Ethically challenged IARDC

What bothers me the most are the egregious and serious misrepresentations of facts including that my mother was dementia in 2007. One of the intellectual properties Toerpe destroyed were 10 HD professional tapes of an event I produced with T Colin Campbell PhD — the documentary was called Eat Clean For Life with Dr. Campbell. There were over 60 people attending and my mother participated in the Q&A  in fact her questions were so intelligent I was opening the show with her and closing the show too. The event was November 21, 2008, FYI on oct. 25 2008 my mother spent the entire day with me and Dr Campbell and net with media and other people. The last week of oct 2008 and first two weeks of November mom and I were in New York and DC. Mom personally met with the management of Ellis island and took a personal tour. She found her parents names on the walls. She spent an hour at the memorial at the pentagon and spoke with grieved family members and we even toured Ground Zero. Mom spent three hours with me at NBC headquarters in DC and hung with staff

This remark that she was dementia in 2007 is so horrendous as in the false light statement that I coerced my mother into signing the documents authored by Lumbermans and included in the final order when Kevin Salam testified that he met with my mom the night before.

The horrific lies by AS PS CF CT are so outrageous that my thoughts are unspeakable as to not fall to their levels of evil.

There is a special place in hell for these people and it’s time… We all know the truth and the murders of my mother’s life may believe that they have won this war against the Constitutions but in fact they have not because the hell they will spend eternity has with it enough punishment .  And for those who believe in recarnation if true their next life will be so miserable that we can rest assured that Karma will not forgive.

I will spend eternity with my mother father and brother smiling in their love knowing Toerpe and her buddies are in fire-Hell of misery now as they will be forever.

Gloria Sykes, from her iphone



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