From John Wyman–Thoughts on his last 4 years–4 years of torture that is

For any of you that have been following the Wyman case, Powell Wyman recently died, we are petitioning for John to become Successor Plenary Guardinan

In the meantime, he had this to say:

From: john wyman
Sent: Aug 2, 2013 9:18 PM
To: JoAnne M Denison
Cc: kenneth ditkowsky , Sylvia Rudek , Lucius Verenus Probate Sharks , Bev Cooper Probate Sharks
Subject: Re: Recent thoughts on bringing my mother back to Rockford

Well, I’ll try to reach deep down to see if I’m really a writer.

Today is the fourth anniversary of my mother Winifred’s escape from Illinois to Colorado !!

I’d like to say it seems like yesterday, but no, it seems like a lifetime ago. when I started this journey I felt like a young man of 53, and now I feel like an old man at 58, at a time when I should have been in my prime earning years in my profession as a world class hairdresser, I found myself broke, fighting for my mother’s rights.  While many of you think I should count myself lucky that I have my mother, but when you save a life as I did you then become responsible  for it.

As for being a full time caregiver, I’ve become a proficient at it. I could write the book, yes, I’ve become an expert on elder care, but also on elder abuse not only by the families, the nursing homes, but also by what I was taught to respect the courts!

Well I’ve lost all, I MEAN ALL RESPECT for the government that was suppose to protect those of us too weak or feeble to protect ourselves, to give us our due process rights and our rights as US citizens, but people, that ain’t happening.

Some of you may know I’ve already written a book of my saga, and was fortunate enough to have it land in the hands of one Ken Ditkowsky, who, in turn, passed it on to JoAnne Denison, and I’d like to say they have been great:  Ken for all his advice and JoAnne for taking my case pro bono. The last week of July 2013 of the year of our lord we finally won the war of attrition, my father died, we were not notified for almost four weeks even though we had a hearing in that time frame.  Sad as it is, my mother Winifred will get her wish to die in her own home, but not before the courts allowed all her assets to be stolen or sold without her receiving any proceed–all under the color of law!!

To make matters worse, two of the adult children, my brother David and my sister Beth, who sided with my father, hid his death, and stripped the house of everything that wasn’t tied down and even those things that were, including all appliances, fire places, etc.  In addition, my father, as Guardian of Estate for my mother, took a debt free home and left it laden with back taxes, utilities, and liens from the courts and attorneys all with the help of a Governor appointed public guardian, Sharon Rudy. As Ken has stated, this doesn’t sound like the US of A, but more like Russia or North Korea. We’ll see how this plays out even though I think what is going on is criminal, I’m sure they’ll find a way to justify it in their court of law.  A great politician once said, “you’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts”.   I hope this holds true for JoAnne and Ken in their fight with the ARDC!!!!!

On the bright side, even though Winifred’s health is declining with time, and she’ll soon pay the debt that all men pay, she continues to paint everyday and, to date, has produced over 250 paintings, and has a major art show at the Sam Wyly center in Colorado in November.   Let’s hope she is here to enjoy the fruits of her labor and love of her work and gets to share it with the world before she sheds her mortal coil!!!

As for me, I’m sure one day I’ll have my life back, I will survive and thrive because it’s my nature, but I will be forever changed.  I’ve become an advocate for this cause, and I’m writing a follow up book at this time, but alas, I have to wait for an ending!! Hopefully sooner than later!!!!!

Many Many Thanks To everyone who has help, you know who you are, I do!!

Yours Truly,

John Howard Wyman

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