Just in from the Clerk of Court News at the Daley Center Plaza

How to charge $700+ for filing a simple lawsuit.

During my deposition, Atty SO stated her displeasure (and it’s in my Jan 8 2013 complaint) about how hopelessly outdated and antiquated AND AT THE SAME TIME AMAZINGLY EXPENSIVE, Atty Dorothy Brown (Cook County Clerk of Court), is going to electronic filing.


And it wasn’t me that said this.

I wonder if the ARDC will ask me on the stand if I’m sorry about this Chicago Trib article and how I made fun of one of the most lucrative positions in the city–Clerk of Court!

Pacer charges 8 cents per page and always has. They can come in within months and make a court electronic.  Maybe true IT geeks don’t approve of Pacer because even it is not much in the world of technology (but I’m still waiting for technology to do my dishes every day, clean up after my pets, walk the dogs and put in a load of wash, change it around, fold it and put it away), yet still,…..

I gotta get my IT guys (probably my son) to go down there and do a full review.

Meanwhile, I was promised on August 1, 2013 that I could load up my stuff at the Clerk of Court, Cook County in the civil division.  Nope, cases still can’t be found and pleadings loaded up.

The ARDC asks if an attorney is sorry for this or that, as if pleadings had feelings, as if you have to be sorry for just asking questions, calling for an investigation in highly questionable and unusual cases and just doing your job.

I wonder if Atty SO is sorry for her kid’s really, really dirty socks and underwear.

It’s about on the same level of absurdity.


2 thoughts on “Just in from the Clerk of Court News at the Daley Center Plaza

  1. These people seem to actually take pleasure in digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole of their own making. Perhaps they are hoping to be able to bury their own dirty laundry in said hole!

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