Some beautiful Poems by Joanne Denison

This is one I wrote when my mother died

When the clouds roll by in a clear blue sky
Think of me.
When the roaring waves wash upon the shore and gently wash their way around your feet,
think of me.
At the mountain top looking down on hills and valleys below,
think of me.
But when it rains or it pours, when the pain of sleet nips at your toes,
I am there too.  But my world now is golden, it shines like pure crystal.
Flower beds full of roses and orchids,
exotic birds and butterflies that freely roam, but never leave.
Think of me and know that our love still flows between these two worlds,
and you will feel the way between my heart and yours.
Always.  I promise.
Think of me.

I know that many of you have mothers and fathers that have passed over and perhaps you also suffered with a difficult and abusive guardianship, but I want you to know that your loved ones are now with the angels.  I send blessings, peace and love for all of you that have suffered in such a manner.




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