3 thoughts on “From FB: Mother sues Foster Care for wrongful death of toddler

  1. Federal funds are not really available for helping biological parents first off. The next of kin (grandmother in this case) requirements are systematically skipped for the same reason. But a payment comes to “Local Community” and DCFS for placing children, even children of good parents who have not done anything wrong, in foster care $7k – $15k, boosted for children with issues, handicaps, and “trauma”…and boosted again above $30k for adopting them out! Your child has a price tag on their head!!! You could be next!

    • they do make money off of guardianizing the disabled . you might make $7k to $15k off of a kid, but the money from the disabled/elderly is endless. it starts with tied in courtroom vendors and the nursing homes. a nursing home can bill an estate $15k per month for 2 to 10 years or more. the real problem lies in the corrupt lawyers and judges and court room vendors, tho

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