Comcast is providing free wifi service through its wifi locations

If you live near a Comast wifi node or location, Comacast has announced you can access its wifi for free.  This offer is for the public as well as existing customers.

But don’t forget to use an encryption app or program to receive and transmit this signal.  Otherwise it can be intercepted by others who can gain access to information transmitted as well as your computer.  Comcast does have an app for phones you can use to access the signal, as well as a PC app for your laptop or desktop computer.  Be sure to log in using the app or program so your data is protected.

They also announced a basic reduced price program for the indigent.  However, you must be a new customer or a customer without internet access for at least 90 days prior to application.  The procedure for signing up is automated.  I don’t know what they consider to be a reduced price at this time.  They normally run at about $90 per month including tax for high speed internet and basic tv/movies online at this time.  You do not need a set top box or other equipment to access the tv/movie feature.  It is done through your computer so you must have a newer tv which will work with a wifi link into comcast.

They also appear to have no phone customer service at this time.  I tried repeatedly to get through to an agent without success.

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