Vote for Denison & Assocs, PC for a Chase Mainstreet Grant

Chase is providing $100,000 grants to businesses that help the community the most.

Please go to

and type in 60714 (our zip code) or Denison and vote for us.

We have helped so very many clients from the clutches of the probate court and this website is dedicated to stopping corruption in Chicago.

Due to this website and the works of others, Judge Kowamoto is gone (pulled 99 year old Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth and inserted a feeding tube against her will, died emaciated and dehydrated when money ran out), Judge Stuart is gone for lying at my ARDC trial, or changing her testimony that she never chained Gloria in her ante room demanding bank account information to pay attorneys fees and threatened to euthanize her two pets Shaggy and Kitty–and we have done so much more for clients.

Dominic Spera was rendered homeless on the streets of Rockford when he had his own retirement account and bank accounts were held jointly with his mother–the GAL locked him out of all of that rendering him homeless.

We fought to keep Carol Wyman at home with John and we’d like to litigate his suit against the miscreants who kept her in a locked down nursing home against her will where she was beaten and sexually abused in one of the worst nursing homes in Illinois.

These are only a representative sampling of the cases we handle.  (No, it’s not just me doing this work, there are plenty of others that help me–NASGA, Probate Sharks, etc. and other attorneys)

Anyone who comes to us, I promise we will not turn you away.  We will find you an attorney, I will write pleadings for free for the attorney.  We will continue to train and support low cost and pro bono attorneys in probate so that that there will be no more probate victims.

I am not dead.  I come to work every day for 18 hours per day and work on corruption in probate and patents.

That is all I do now.  I don’t have direct client contact, I just do intake, pass of the clients to other activist attorneys, train them, support them and I make sure that the 18th floor of the Daley center is told to follow the law, stop selling seniors and disableds for cash, and stop terrorizing the families with isolation orders, gag orders, psychotropic drugs for seniors–you name it, they’re doing it and it has to stop.

This blog and the public demands it.

So please help us out–myself and unnamed attorneys (I can’t name them because the ARDC will go after them too) and my staff of Gabby, Matt and Nick.

thanks for listening.


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