Loretta Lynch is apparently doing her job==taking down health care fraud


and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she gets to the nursing homes and the probate courts.


In fiscal year 2014, there was $3.3 billion in health care fraud in the US.  That’s right.  Not a typo.  $3.3 billion in bogus services and unwanted procedures.  Taken by white collar criminals including hundreds of doctors and licensed medical professionals.

When fraud is eliminated from health care, that means the US can have free health care for all.

The coverups and hiding of the dirt is not far away.

At least one govt official is doing her job.  I’m not sure she would be pleased with the corruption going on in our nation’s probate courts–the string of felonies–Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Bedin, Drabik, Richards– in Illinois, Helen Stone in Florida, Gayle Robinson in Michigan.

These seniors deserve Truth and Justice, even if posthumously


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