A Desparate Please from an Elderly Woman in Detroit–Let me go home in peace! MIchigan reaches a new low in the treatment of Senior Citizens

As if what is going on in Illinois with Jerome Larkin and the ARDC is not enough–covering up for court appointed Probate Attorneys Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmeidel and Adam Stern, we find another coverup going on in our sister State of Michigan, with Atty Mary Rowan.


This family is seeking funding for a COMPETENT HONEST attorney in Detroit Michigan to protect their beloved Grandmother from the evils of probate.

The woman is currently safe in California with her brother and will deal with the probate court from there, but apparently for doing so, they terminated her brother as co-guardian!  Why?  She escaped to California so she did not have to be in a locked down nursing home where she will never see the light of day again.

Please pray for her and donate to her “GoFundMe”.  Any amount will help this family.


WARNING:  This video is about the sickest I have seen on the violation of the civl and human rights and liberties of a grandmother!  You will be completely shocked that this can happen in this day and age with the US Constitution firmly in place for over 225 years. The woman is clearly competent and even smarter than the (idiot) alleged detective and evil Attorney Mary Rowan who is trying desperately to have her guardianized to have another Grandma head in her trophy case and guardian fees stolen and firmly under her belt.

I am also told that NASGA wouldn’t help Randy without a $15 donation. Come on now, all they have to do is ask me for it.  I am broke and struggling every day but I CAN FIND $15 TO HELP THIS FAMILY find justice.  Please have NASGA put up a GOFUNDME orwhatever to donate to help these probate victims ASAP.  Or have them email me.  I will supple the measly $15.  Are they kidding?

Randy Robinson is under a body attachment order, just like Atty Barbara Stone who must have that stamped on her forehead and a tatoo of an ankle bracklet.  And old idiotic tactic of corrupt courts and court connected attorneys merely designed to humilitate, intimidate and remove US Constitutional Proctions from vulnerable family members of targeted competent seniors.

Watch the video and see how the “alleged ward” is clearly smarter than her captors, knows her US Constitutional rights and fights them off at every turn.  The video is purely disgusting.  Michigan should be ashamed of itself and apologize to the other 49 states and 7 US territories for this indignity against an elderly woman and being the idiot of the states today on the internet.

We are looking for probate victims in Michigan who can help this very good son with a lawyer who will take care of him pro bono or low cost and get the guardianship dismissed and return approximately $50,000 in transfers to other family members.  He needs a safe place to be at this time, and perhaps another job.  He currently works as a pizza delivery guy, so I would hope there is a better job out there for him.

Since Mary Rowan is allegedly “guardian” to 200+ wards, I fully expect that some civil rights class action firm should take on this issue soon and get rid of this evil cabal of thieves, goons and creeps running amok in Detroit.

Randy’s videos will soon be up on Veimeo where they cannot be taken down but with a court order. The court wanted to do that, but the judge resisted, but not very strongly.  I also advised Randy to blog on WordPress, which is an UK company where US court have no real jurisdiction.  We may have fought King George in the Civil War, but WordPress is returning the favor right now.


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