From KKD – Licensing of Court Reporters and fraud

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
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Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 12:07 AM
Subject: In Illinois the Supreme Court has ruled that no one needs a license – or in the alternative the Federal and Illinois Constitution is void

Fact:  Illinois requires all professional court reporters to be licensed, non-licensed Court reporters are not to be paid for their court reporting (section 13 of Act).
Fact:  Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission engaged several non-licensed court reporters to provide record of proceedings in their kangaroo panel hearings.   (see affidavit of IARDC attorney filed before the Supreme Court)
Fact: Jerome Larkin, apparently knowing that the employed court reporters were unlicensed authorized their payment even though barred by Statute and common law.  (in the Denison case he authorized about $15000.00 of illegal payments).  NB.   This payment is a breach of trust and a felony on the part of Larkin.
Fact:  Larkin in a secret proceeding appeared ex-parte before the Supreme Court of Illinois to obtain an order assessing costs, including the illegal payments 
Fact:  The Illinois Supreme Court knowing that most of the charges in Larkin’s secret petition were illegal, improper, constituted a felony and subverted the intent of the Legislature in its attempt to protect the public by licensing acts.
Fact:  When Attorney Denison discovered the multiple felonies she filed a petition to vacate the secret order.    This petition apparently has been rejected by the Supreme Court of Illinois.
Fact:   By the granting of Larkin (IARDC) grossly improper petition the Illinois Supreme Court has essentially ruled that PROFESSIONAL LICENSES in Illinois have no import and all regulation enacted by the legislature is void.   As we must assume that the Supreme Court of Illinois intends to obey the Illinois Constitution and the Bill of Rights we cannot assume that it has a different criteria and enforcement agenda for the political and judicial elite.
I’ve copied the governor of the State of Illinois as this action by the Supreme Court of Illinois mandates that all fees collected for professional licenses have been illegally collected and must be returned to the professionals who paid them.  The license fees are collected upon the pretext that the licensing is undertaken to protect the public.   As Mr. Larkin and the Supreme Court of Illinois have demonstrated – the licensing is a subterfuge. 
These funds collected (including the fees paid to the IARDC) should be returned forthwith.   
To: “” <>, 
and about 100 others….
Subject: Re: In Illinois the Supreme Court has ruled that no one needs a license – or in the alternative the Federal and Illinois Constitution is void
Date: Jun 25, 2016 6:05 AM
I want you all to know that I do not make this stuff up.  The Applicable Illinois Statute reads:
225 ILCS 415/13) (from Ch. 111, par. 6213) 
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2024) 
    Sec. 13. No action or suit shall be instituted, nor recovery therein be had, in any court of this State by any person for compensation for any act done or service rendered, the doing or rendering of which is prohibited under the provisions of this Act to other than certified shorthand reporters. 
(Source: P.A. 83-73.)

How can a public official continually ignore the law and get away with it?    If a public officials flaunts the law it is called a breach of the public trust (and a taxable event).    law enforcement is supposed to arrest miscreant public officials, and especially those who misuse public funds.    Why is Jerome Larkin still roaming the streets?    Why is the Illinois Supreme Court refusing to follow the simple words of the statute?   Why is the Illinois Supreme Court entertaining secret exparte petitions it knows or should know violate the law?   Why is the Illinois Department of Revenue not interested in collecting the taxes generated by Larkin and his co-conspirators as they ravage the Estates of the Elderly and the Disabled in these guardianship for profit elder cleaning escapades?      Where is law enforcement.


The answer to all of these questions is clear from Illinois’ reputation for vote fraud, corruption, and ability to fill Federal Prisons with public officials.   I believe that we have on former governor still in Federal custody.



Ken Ditkowsky

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