From KKD – Frugality with the Truth in the Elite of Illinois

To: “J. Ditkowsky” <>,
Subject: Re: ******** Failed to Hand Over Key Emails to State Department
Date: Jun 25, 2016 7:40 AM
The decision to remove the United Kingdom was in part due to the arrogance of the bureaucracy and their elitism.   Not a single day goes by that we do not note that one or more of our public officials has been frugal with the truth, breached the public trust, or just ignored the law.  Worse yet, they get away with it.  This is the very model of elitism.
 Fraud always seems to be linked to just about any of the presidential candidates.   No, it is not time to get all hot and bothered.   We have the incentive right now right here at home in Illinois and it affected each of us more intimately and adversely that anything the Clintons, the Caphones, the Bushes, or the outfit have done, or will do.   Even the McDonald case pales by comparison.
There has been what appears to be a total breakdown in the law here in Illinois.   There has been no fan-fare and it remains our dirty little secret.  
Government governs with the consent of the governed in America; however, what the public does not know the public cannot be hurt by according to our current government.   Indeed, the public does not know.    There are two sets of rules – one for you and me, and one for the political elite.
A major danger to the political establishment is the exposure of their illegal sources of income.   Amongst the most lucrative areas of extra-ordinary compensation for our public officials is the cottage industry of Elder Cleansing.   Not only are the elite able to access and confiscate the savings of the elderly and disabled, but under Health Care subsidies such as medicare, etc the government contributes to the enrichment.    All you have to do is examine the Sykes/Gore/***** cases and the pattern strikes you point blank in the face.
The Cover-up of these felonies is essential to the cottage industry.    The Taxing authorities turning the other check and law enforcement looking the other way is an Achilles heel that worries each of the miscreants, but they have it under control if they can intimidate lawyers, objectors and other deviants.    The First Amendment has to be suppressed and the machinery is in place.   Clinton represents one method; however, much more brazen is the Jerome Larkin approach aided and abetted by the Supreme Court of Illinois.
Larkin in a effort to silence the blog MaryGSykes and its exposure of Judicial corruption and in particular elder cleansing operations promulgated right in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois brought disciplinary charges against JoAnne Denison.   Except for the fact that every charge was verified as false in the case record of the Mary Sykes Court file 09 P 4583 larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (iardc) had no problem in case.   Larkin’s frugality with the truth was exposed almost on day one, however, he had that event covered.   
Judge Connors gave an evidence deposition and on page 91 she admitted that she was wired (fixed) and it did not matter what happened in the Courtroom – she was going to reach the same decision nevertheless.   Judge Stuart admitted to lying during direct examination and to unethical conduct.   
No matter, Larkin hired court reporters who were not licensed and therefore under Illinois Statutes could not be compensated.   The Report of proceedings in reference to Judge Stuart’s admitted perjury was just altered.  (Court watchers reported this to authorities – of course nothing happened).   For the extra-ordinary and special services rendered to the Larkin cover-=up in violation of 18 USCA 371 the court reporters were paid with public funds wrongfully expatriated by the IARDC (and Larkin).   Of course Larkin was aware of the specific Statutory prohibition on payment to unlicensed professionals – he is our local version of the elite.
Illinois does not have a reputation for being corrupt that was not earned.   The Political elite such as Larkin know that they are ‘special’ and not subject to our laws, however, Ms. Denison was apparently ignorant of that fact.  SHE HAD TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON or DESTROYED
Anyone who has ever had to endure litigation knows that it is not for the faint of heart or for the poor.   In the ‘wired case’ poverty is not a unexpected result of the litigation; however, the felon who has wired the Court has to be proactive.    Indeed, the felon in this case Jerome Larkin had that problem covered.    Having breached his public trust and expropriated public funds for his own use, approximately $15,000.00 he secretly (ex parte) appeared before the Supreme Court of Illinois and demanded reimbursement for the IaRDC of the funds that were wrongfully and illegally paid.
Without a wimpier or a nod, the costs assessment was made and a secret order entered by the Supreme Court to assess these illegal charges to Attorney Denison.
As a matter of law, the Supreme Court decisions are to be interpreted to make them compliant with Federal and State Law.   How thus does the Supreme Court ‘cover’ for Larkin.  If licensing laws (especially the public protection laws) are void the order entered assessing the reimbursement of the prohibited payments is valid.   Thus, by its decision the Supreme Court of Illinois has ruled that all licensing laws in Illinois are VOID.    Not a single licensing fee for professionals is legal or appropriate.     
The Elite have won the battle against JoAnne Denison, but may have lost the war – just as the Brits have rebelled against them we have to do the same.   They cannot have it both ways!   The laws and the regulations have to apply equally to all.   The Supreme Court has to follow the law even when it does not — as a matter of law we interpret the decisions to follow the law.    
If the Brits can revolt against the Oppression of the Elites (especially the felons amongst them) we certainly can also.    It is time for a bit of HONESTY in government!   

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