From Ken Ditkowksy–no excuse for Larkin to use unlicensed court reporters!

I think we need to send the IARDC a Media FOIA request right away:
1) How many court reporters has the IARDC hired in the last 10 years that have been unlicensed?
2) do they check the license of every court reporter they hire?
3) who at the ARDC checks for the court reporter’s license.
4) who hired, participated in the hiring of unlicensed court reporters and court reporters coming from agencies that have invalid/expired corporate names?
6) how much has the IARDC paid unlicensed court reporters for the last 10 years?
7) who hired or participated in the hiring of each of these court reporters?
8) has any person employed by the IARDC received any kickback, finders fee or payment of any kind from any court reporter or court reporter agency?
9) has any person employed by the IARDC received any promise or benefit of any kind or type from any licensed court reporter or court reporter agency?
To: Probate Sharks <>, and 30 others…
Subject: this should tell you something!
Date: Jun 26, 2016 1:09 PM
The Supreme Court of Illinois by its obvious mistreatment of Disciplinary Cases including but not limited the JoAnne Denison case has abrogated its position and each of the justices reduced the dignity of the court to zero.
The fact that the court knows or should know that by it obvious attornment to the criminal fraud of Jerome Larkin it has effectually made all licensing in the State of Illinois void.   Larkin at all times relevant knew or should have known that he was violating the law when he engaged unlicensed court reports to provide reports of proceedings for his kangaroo hearings, and he certainly knew (also the Court knew) that his secret petition asking the Supreme Court to engaged JoAnne Denison to reimburse him for the illegal payments was wrongful.
However, the Court cannot act as a Court improperly and attorn to individual officeholders and/or public officials doing wrongful acts.   Thus, it cannot affirm a State agency or even a Judicial entity engaging unlicensed professionals (court reporters) and therefore as licensing statutes are clearly VOID Larkin can engaged unlicensed court reporters in derogation of the Rule of Law.   No valid licensing equates to a carte blanc to engage anyone as a court reporter.
The net is simple – the State of Illinois and the IARDC have been illegally licensing people for years and every dime collected must be returned to the people who have been misled by the State officials and judicial officials.   
It is dishonest for the State of Illinois and the IaRDC to not return this money immediately!
Ken Ditkowsky

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