From Ken Ditkowsky–where is the judicial accountability from SCOI?

It has been more than a week since Jerome Larkin did not answer charges that  documents that he filed in the Supreme Court of Illinois contained false averments th court reports were certified  when in fact they were not- a very serious admission that Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission intentionally violated the law in a number of its cases and engaged and paid unlicensed professionals.    
These illegal payments were made in direct violation of Illinois Statutes.   Indeed, Larkin and the IARDC hardly ever consider themselves subject to the laws that govern the rest of us so such would not be unusual.   However, what is unusual is the fact that such is a felony that is compounded by Larkin secretly appearing before the Supreme Court of Illinois ex-parte and seeking them to join in the intimidation and extortion of the illegal funds from Ms. Denison.    These unlicensed professionals charged the State of Illinois approximately $15,000.00.
The advent of Elder Cleansing was our American Holocaust!   Same MO and same result, the only distinction was that Elder Cleansing has occurred in the 21st Century and fewer Jews are being systematically provided a final solution.    The cover-up and ‘fix’ is just as venal; however, this time the American Justice System is proactive – not some group of foreign disreputables. 
My reading of the orders suggest that the Illinois Supreme Court has ducked its responsibility to the Federal and State Constitutions and has joined the coverup.   The Government Accounting Office has written four (4) reports to Congress, I and others have written hundreds of letters complaining of Court sponsored prospecting for gold in the mouth of the elderly and disabled (see Alice Gold case) and from time to time Law enforcement has taken on of the clout heavy criminals off the street.  (see Seth Gillman case).   
 My query is quite simple:   Is America still a Nation of Laws, or has it become so corrupt that there are political people out there who are immune to the laws that we all are supposed to be subject.    It sure looks from this vantage point that the FIX IS IN has replaced all the political slogans.   The theme song of the political convention this year can be: “I ‘wired’ the Court in the morning!” 
This note is directed to law enforcement!   The evidence of Jerome Larkin’s wrongdoing is on the public record.   The connivance by others in the Judicial Branch is on the public record. 
It is time to reclaim our Country and make us once again proud to be Americans.   The ‘cover up’ of criminal conduct by the political and judicial elite has disgraced the republic!
From Joanne–
PS–I want to note that Judge Theis pulled my petition for review, so good for her and I hope this indicates the right decision in favor of Truth, Justice and Accountability will be made.
Not so sure about Judge Freeman, he issued an order denying my Motion to Vacate. I don’t know if he looked at the supplement, but it is still of grave concern that he did not want to chastise the ARDC for openly and notoriously misrepresenting SCOTUS case law that makes it clear lawyers have the right to blog about corruption, problems, troubles and issues in the courts when the public files valid grievances and the ARDC does not conduct an open, thorough and competent investigation of the lawyers and judges involved, but merely dismisses with a rubber stamp these perfectly valid citizen complaints (Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Baker, Frake, etc.)

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