From Ken Ditkowsky–why are the same judges/attys always involved in the same problems in probate?

I agree with Ken, same miscreants, same problems, same valid citizen complaints routinely dismissed by the authorities, from the ARDC, to the JIB, to the states attorneys to the FBI, who is doing anything about the same problems enumerated in no less than FOUR GAO reports (published elsewhere on this blog).

During his trial, Ken was asked by the ARDC attorney if he was ashamed for talking about information contained in the GAO (US government reports) and he said, “of course not, it was his constitutional right to discuss government reports” with like mined US citizens.

Of course, it was his constitutional right to discuss US government reports with the public and take the side of the public that their issues, complaints and grievances were perfectly valid and they were right to demand an honest, thorough and competent investigation, when in fact nothing was done.  This is completely in line with the consensus on the internet with the probate blogs–something is seriously amiss and the government has to DO something about it.

Read on:

To: “Paul K. Ogden” <>, Gloria Jean SYKES <>
Cc: “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, and 75 others…
Subject: Re: IPRA routinely obscured how its police investigations played out – just like Jerome larkin and the IARDC – Why is Larkin not in jail?  Why has he not surrendered his law license?
Date: Jun 17, 2016 2:23 PM
The pay to play situation – i.e. the nursing home owners  – supported by their kickbacks (referral fees) guardianships etc are so engaged.  The potential victims of elder cleansing can be and are exploited does by subtle remunerations paid by various profit operations to the miscreants.   This situation does not appear to be investigated at this point in time, but, the Wall Street Journal is discussing a similar type operation that is relevant to our problem to wit:
 This article discusses our issue.   How is that the Judge in the Gore case was so disinterested in the exploitation of Alice Gore, or how she happened to wind up in a nursing home operated by a relative of the guardian ad litem.   Whey was judge so disinterested in the actions of the GAL and why did she (the judge) allow such leeway to the GAL?    We know!  Ditto for the Sykes case.   In fact Judge Connors on page 91 of her evidence deposition told us all about it!   Why was Jerome Larkin so disinterested in the value complaints filed by Gloria Sykes?   you have three guesses and the first five do not count.
Now let us zero in on the problem.  Why are the same GALs always involved in these elder cleansing cases?   Why are the same attorneys always involved?    Of course it can be co-incidence; however, as the same kinky transactions are always present *****.
We need HONEST INVESTIGATIONS of this entire elder cleansing scandal and the cover-up that has been promjulgated the lawyer disciplinary commissions.   As the article points out, Lawyers and Judges, especially those employed by the public, have a special duty to the public – DO JUSTICE.   Making money is incidential.   No one ever put a gun to the lawyers or judges head and told them go into this profession of die!    The Judge in too many cases actually paid off a committeeman large sums of money to become a Judge,* and too many of the miscreant lawyers are saving up to be able to pay the cash incentive needed to be slated for judge.
Corruption in all forms is detestable.   The 18 USCA 371 conspiracy is incidious.    When the conspiracy has advanced to the level that it has in Illinois effective housecleaning must occur – OR ELSE!   The Larkin style prevaracations and frugality with the truth is intolerable and must cease immediately.    I hope I am not beating a dead horse, but the latest scandal at the IARDC must result in Jerome Larkin’s indictment and prosecution.   There is absolutely no excuse for the IARDC paying money to unlicensed professionals and not know that seeking an secret order requiring Ms. Denison to reimburse the agency a penny for the illegal payments is pure Criminal Contempt of Court and Fraud.    As Larkin intentionally misrepresented the ruling of the SCOTUS in both Alvarez and Sawyer and claimed that exposing corruption in the MaryGSykes blog was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater, summary suspension of his law license and all of the IARDC attorneys 18 USCA 371 involved is more than appropriate – IT IS A NECESSITY to demonstrate the EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW and that our government is transparent and accountable to Truth and Justice.
Why the Supreme Court of Illinois has not sua sponte acted to address this outrage is a mystery!   It is a defamation of the 2nd oldest profession in spades, doubled and redoubled.  It is suggested that this failure to act in light of 47 USCA 230, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution does not cover the Illinois Supreme Court with glory or enhance the little respect that the public harbors for them.  It is respectfully suggested that this failure to act against Larkin reaffirms the public suspicion of the Illinois Surpeme Court .
It may not be correct for a public official to acknowledge that Grandma is being abused, exploited, denied her rights privileges and communities (elder cleansing) but the fact remains. Similarly the extortion, and intimidation of Grandma’s family and citizens who complain is an inconvenient fact that has to be addressed.    Jerome Larkin by his demonstration of total disrespect for the Law has invited Law Enforcement to make an example of him and the IARDC attorneys who have filed in his name the offending documents.    At some point in time, in a free democratic society, all GOOD MEN (AND WOMEN) MUST STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.   I am strongly suggesting that TODAY is that day.

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: Paul K. Ogden <>; and 80 others
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: IPRA routinely obscured how its police investigations played out – just like Jerome larkin and the IARDC – Why is Larkin not in jail?

Paul – you are not alone.
I cannot think of when I voted for a political candidate.   Most, if not all, are two faced ignoramuses whose sole interest is getting elected.    However, the issue is not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton – it is what their antics stand for.   I use Hillary as an example as we can see on a daily basis her two faced hypocrisy and how it is ‘covered’ and given legitimacy. As for Trump, he is open and frankly informs us that he has bribed the Clintons and is proud of it.  While I appreciate the candor, the act is untenable.
Today’s Wall Street Journal discloses just how perverted the political system has become.  political correctness has become a religion and the current government expects everyone to mouth the party line and if you do not – bingo, you are public enemy number 1.
We do not have the Exxon money to fight the corrupt political and judicial elite who seek to take our First Amendment Rights away, but, by pointing out the obscenity maybe we can wean more people to our side and to fight the corruption.   If we make enough sink we might even get a few HONEST INVESTIGATIONS going and a few of the miscreants going to jail.
As I was writing this e-mail I remembered I did vote for a Governor candidate.   His name was Dan Walker.  He was the chief corporate attorney at Montgomery Ward and he spoke my language.
He impressed me with his honesty and candor and *****.
Shortly after Walker became governor he installed one of the most corrupt machines in Illinois history.   I spent the next ten years suing his Illinois Department of Revenue.   The United States of America investigated him and sent him to prison!    I now take the position that I will vote against the most venal of the candidates in the hope that at least we can make that candidate an ordinary citizen again and place her/him in the position wherein they cannot hurt us.    The choice is yours – I am voting for the deep blue sea!
I do have to tell you a little story.   I live in Chicago.   In garnering the votes, my Democratic party representative came to my home and politely said:  “Kenny will you vote for me!”    I replied:  “Of course”    When voting day came, I could not find his name on the ballot, so I wrote him for the position of mayor, alderman, ****.    (So did some of my neighbors – at my urging).
To my “horror” after the election was over, Joe came to my home kind of unhappy.   He informed me that I must have misunderstood him – he informed me that when he asked me to vote for him, he did not mean that literally – I was to vote for his candidates!   *****
Corruption is our enemy – I am afraid that we have few friends.

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