From KKD–why is Jerome Larkin not in Jail?

You know that if any other attorney did what he did–present an utterly false and hopeless bill, not serve the other side, obtain a judgment, when the fraud was called out, then often prosecution is initiated for obtaining a false judgment and in this case with State of Illinois Funds entrusted to the public.  It has been weeks now.  Last pleading by SO, she wanted 2 weeks, for what? Damage Control?  More excuses?  I have not received an apology, I have not received my license back.  If it were you or I, or Ken, or Lanre Amu, for sure we would be sitting in Jail for trying to bilk $14,000 from the State of Illinois by using people who were not licensed to generate a fake bill, then file a motion exparte, then get a judgment and fight it.  It was very fortuitous that I just happened to try to get more information from one of the court reporters, could not find her address, and looked her up at the ARDC and found out she was unlicensed. And she was not just a little unlicensed, she was unlicensed since 2005. She still shows as unlicensed.
I am just really luck I have this blog.  Now with over 200 views per day, I can let everyone know what is really going on. First the ARDC dismisses tons of perfectly valid citizen complaints, some of which were regarding the Sykes case, which became the feature of this blog.  Next, they prosecute me claiming what is said on this blog is false, when in fact in the end, all discovery for Mary’s $1 million in gold and silver coins was quashed by both the ARDC and the trial court, the money runs out and Mary is narcotized to death after most of her estate goes to attorneys fees and nursing home fees–exactly as predicted by this blog and what Jerome Larkin wanted to suppress. Then we have attorneys Larkin Smart and Opryszek hiring and using unlicensed court reporters and presenting fake and fraudulent bills and obtaining fraudulent judgments. Do they apologize?  Nope, they continue on.
By the way, Real Time Reporters still has not provided me with an affidavit the court reporter was told “not to set up” and “we don’t do that” by the Clerk.  Of course you have the right to a court reporter–unless the proceeding is wired.
To: “J. Ditkowsky” <>, and 50 others
Subject: Why is Jerome Larkin not in jail?
Date: Jun 24, 2016 2:30 PM
It has been about a month since it was revealed that Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the IARDC, breached his public trust and in direct violation of a Consumer protection statute licensing court reporters, paid out public funds to unlicensed reporters.  (see section 13 of the act).   
We all know why Larkin engaged unlicensed professionals  – it was revealed in the transcript of Judge Stuart’s testimony – THE PORTION OF THE TRANSCRIPT THAT REVEALED JUDGE STUART’S WRONGFUL (AND CRIMINAL CONDUCT) WAS DELETED AS WAS THE EVIDENCE THAT SHE COMMITTED PERJURY.   It is suggested that unlicensed reporters were engaged so that Larkin could doctor the recording of the evidence as he desired.   (Court watchers and Ms. Denison have both independently revealed the alteration of the report of proceedings).    It is submitted that properly licensed professionals would not be easily intimidated to alter transcripts and would be delighted to provide the sound recordings of the testimony – they would be proud of their accuracy.
In defiance of the Rule of law, his public trust, and his duty Larkin caused to be paid by state funds amounts believed to be in the neighborhood of $14,000.00 on the Denison case alone to these unlicensed professionals.   Thereafter he in a secret proceeding ex-parte obtained the rubber-stamp of an order requiring Ms. Denison to pay over the said funds to the IARDC.
By motion this matter has been communicated to the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois and a question exists as to whether the judicial elite members of the Supreme Court will act to protect the good name of the legal profession and order disciplinary hearings as to Larkin’s conduct and/or refer his alleged criminal conduct to Law enforcement.   
Most of us are literally fed up by the Bureaucratic 18 USCA 371 cover-up of the gross corruption that every day is exposed.    It is respectfully suggested that yesterday’s vote in Britain, and the Sanders/Trump phenomenon is the public’s reaction to the public policy of up is down, right is left, truth is fiction – don’t worry the great unwashed are too stupid to know the difference!     
Jerome Larkin’s cover-ups are not will of the wisp affairs.   They involve real people.    The elder cleansing cottage industry is indeed lucrative, but it is vile and wrong.   The 700% surcharge in health care costs is thievery even though committed by the political and judicial elite, or covered by Court orders.   Form does not trump (pardon the pun) substance!

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