From MG: Now is the time to get Equal Rights for Coparenting in Illinois


HB4113 has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee.  The Judiciary Committee is comprised of 10 lawyers and 1 law student (our only Co-Sponsor in the Judiciary Committee).  They are controlled by the ISBA (IL State Bar Association.

The Committee hearing on HB4113 is Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 8:00AM.  What you can do (And request everyone you know to do the same):

  1. Get on-line and create a Witness Slip as a PROPONENT.  You NEED to do this even if you have done it before.  Witness Slips do not carry over from one Committee hearing to the next.  If you are a member of any organization (IF, IFFE, WIFFE, LW4SP, NPO, CRC, whatever, list that you are with them.)  The Opponents have already started massive emails to their members.  (We always beat them in numbers; but we need to stomp them here.) (You can use Justice4 Every1 if you don’t belong to a group, no problem)


  1. Contact (CALL and email) every Representative on the Judiciary Committee.  State that you are calling on behalf of (give your organization.)  Many legislators want to know where you live and discount you if you are not a constituent.  Explain that you are representing an organization (if you do not live in their district.  Just like the ISBA and DV members, you have a right to contact every legislator.  You may even apologize that your organization does not have high-priced lobbyists like the ISBA and DV who are able to spend money lobbying for their organization members, rather than real people (grassroots organizations) looking for real change.)  Be polite, be professional, be educational.


Representative Local Office Phone Springfield Phone Email HB4113 Sponsor Judiciary Committee Member
Emanuel Chris Welch (708) 450-1000 (217) 782-8120 X
Ann M. Williams (773) 880-9082 (217) 782-2458 X
Thaddeus Jones (708) 933-6018 (217) 782-8087          X X
Andre Thapedi (773) 581-9250 (217) 782-1702 X
Peter Breen (630) 403-8135 (217) 782-8037 X
Scott Drury (847) 681-8580 (217) 782-0902 X
Steven A. Andersson (630) 457-5460 (217) 782-5457 X
Michael Halpin (309) 558-3612 (217) 782-5970 X
Lindsay Parkhurst (815) 523-7779 (217) 782-5981 X
Avery Bourne (217) 324-5200 (217) 782-8071 X
Jay Hoffman (618) 416-7407 (217) 782-0104 X



  1. Plan on attending the Committee Hearing in Springfield.


More to come as we get more information and strategize.


From MG

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