From KD/GS–Call for Court Watchers 4/16/18 at 2pm and to do justice on the 18th floor of the Daley Center

Subject: complaint against Jerome Larkin his part in the elder cleansing felonies targeting Mary Sykes 09 P 4585. – and the thefts of Gloria Sykes’ property
Date: Apr 3, 2018 7:03 PM
The fight for Justice and in particular the fight against ELDER CLEANSING/HUMAN TRAFFICKING rages on and no quarter is being given the victims, their families, etc.   So  much  money is available to steal from MEDICARE (and other Federal Health care programs) and from the elderly themselves that the incentive to continue the felonies and the assault on America’s core values is no where near ending.
Any investigator with any competence at all would upon examination of the Cook County, Illinois Probate case of Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 would be impressed by:
  1. the lack of service of summons (and in particular, the failure to serve a summons that complied with 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.   (So brazzen and established is the criminal conspiracy that the Clerk of the County failed to print out a form that complied with the Statute – the Establishment was well aware that they did not intend to comply with the law  – SHERIFF DART wrote a letter in which he acknowledged that his office never served summons.  The file contains positive proof of the intent to deceive.   GAL Cynthia Farenga wrote the corrupt judge who admitted on page 95 of her evidence deposition to be wired to inform the Judge that Mary was no longer in Cook County.  Yet all directions to the sheriff as to where Mary was living was directed to the wrong address).  Thus service of summons was not accomplished!   This is not a technicality – it is jurisdictional.
  2. (From Joanne:  Sheriff Dart has a website where you can check on service online.  You can find it here:–accordingly the game of perfidy in service is over.  Type in the case no. 09P4585 and you will find NO RECORDS OF SERVICE ON ANYONE.  In order for the court to break the Land Trust of Mary Sykes (you can also look up this Trust Document online at How did Mary’s Land Trust get broken if there is no service on Gloria Sykes for anything. She was a beneficiary.  We await Dorothy Brown to put up all those Cook County Court records (which she refuses to do) and the end of perfidy in the Sykes case is complete.
  3. The lack of notification to next of kin 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10(f).  This is jurisdictional
  4.  The lack of hearing as to competency and degree thereof.   Note 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3.   This is also jurisdictional .
Like it or not this is a major crime!    The fact that the ‘cover up’ promulated by Administrator Jerome Larkin and the corruption in the Courts is broad based does not mitigate the problem, it makes the problem much more serious.    The fact that this crime involved not only A GARDEN VARIETY fraud on government health care programs and focused instead on the theft of approximately three million dollars of Mary Sykes’ assets (and Gloria Sykes’ assets) does not sweep this criminal conduct under the bed –  it  makes it much worse.  
Of course Larkin’s crimes could not be complete until he took away the bar licenses of TWO attorneys for reveal all the corruption and perfidy and arranging fixed trials for these attorneys–myself and Joanne Denison.
To accomplish this fait accompli he used additional attorney miscreants:
Sharon Opryszek, Lea Black, Robert Verrando, Melissa Smart (mortgage paid in full), Johnny Fairman II, Robert Henderson, Gordon B. Nash, Sang Yul Lee, Ziad Alnaquib, Jeffrey Torosian, Donald Hilliker, Fran Williams, Keith Roberts Jr, Debra Braselton, Andrea Rice, Donald Torisky, Anne Loftus (awarded Judgeship out of nowhere) and of court James Grogan, general counsel.  Jerome Larkin has over $1 million in  mortgage payments paid on his home for him, by whom?  Why won’t he tell us.
The actions (or non-actions)  of Administrator Larkin, who knew or should have know that his disciplinary prosecution of both JoAnne Denison and myself was wrongful is such a serious violation as to require not only the disbarment  of Larkin, but of every ARDC attorney in any way  involved in this sordid affair.    As Federal health care funds were involved 18 USCA 371 is violated and all are culpable.    Gloria Sykes is still being abused by this criminal activity – Larkin and his co-conspirators have done nothing to mitigate this situation even though they accept public funds to protect the public – and in particular Gloria Sykes and others similarly situated.
I mention all of the foregoing because I received an e-mail from Gloria Sykes.   Gloria was Mary Sykes’ younger daughter and a journalist.   She has done some quite  memorable   work and has been recognized for it; however, like the rest of us as her own advocate she has not only done poorly but alienated people who should be her friends and allies.
The foregoing fact is common place and SOP for most victims and their families. We the  great unwashed have little patience with our own faults when we see them in others.    Nevertheless, our failure to aid and assist the victims and their families who are in the ‘sights’ of the predators forfeits the battle to the miscreant human traffickers who tomorrow will be on your and my doorstep.
Gloria Sykes has put out a call for help.    I received by e-mail and am forwarding it to you for kind assistance  her cry for help .   Gloria unfortunately, whether you or I like it or not is our respective proxy.  To wit:
Good Afternoon everybody.  It’s been a while since I last updated you on what was actually going on in the Sykes case.  Well, nothing beyond the usual, or expected.  Sorry to disappoint you all but getting to the bottom of reality issues in not only probate, but also in my mother’s estate/decedent’s estate, have been quite remarkable– to say the least: even in my mother’s death she can’t have what she wanted to happen happen.  But first:
 One of my arguments is that this Court couldn’t have closed the estate of my mother (decedent’s estate) if it was never opened: therefore, the order closing te estate is void.  The court had no jurisdiction over the decedent’s estate, only the administration of the guardianship, that went away when my mother died.
This hearing is interesting because Toerpe has a new law firm representing her, but the same old, same old arguments.  Res judicata.  Yes, their argument is that since all the appellate courts kicked my appeals regarding my assets, and other matters never raised, or raised in contents of background, therefore the court lacks jurisdiction.  Of course my argument is that the only collateral attack and res judicata argument that should have prevailed, was my argument given that another court disputed the lumberman’s settlement funds to me in a final order: therefore, Judge Stuart could not steal my money as she did (hand cuffed me to a chair, threatened my freedoms and the life of Shaggy my service dog)  in order to get the assets, of course there was no due process.
Next, I’ve filed a motion to reconsider regarding the trust and the sale of my mother’s home in the law division where the judge is the same judge who the young Nigerian attorney filed ARDC complaints against, and lost.  To say the least, I have been prejudiced by a case I know nothing about, had no association with, and never gave an opinion either way.  My attorneys were actually threatened with sanctions with the judge saying that the filing was frivolous.  How can a case be frivolous where a beneficiary wants her share of the estate as her deceased mother commanded she get?
So please, please please I NEED COURT WATCHERS for the April 16, at 2 PM in courtroom 1804, to witness what may be my lst show of defense in the cook county probate court to at least get back what is mine.
Other than that, I am back working, writing two books, producing a documentary, and well, life is good.  We can’t go back and change what other people did, but we can live in the moment and do what we cant to find a moment of truth — even if no one else sees it or in this case, vacates void orders and commands a citation to discover assets of my mother.  What happens here will be most interesting because this judge made a horrible mistake up front.  She actually commanded me to open the estate of Mary G. Sykes because she believed it had been opened by Toerpe, and the FINAL ACCOUNTING WAS FROM THE DECEDENT’S ESTATE, NOT THE GUARDIANSHIP ESTATE. Now the Judge is sidestepping, because the motion to reopen the estate is on record but she refuses to hear it.  Toerpe’s attorney didn’t say no to it, so now hes. waived his objections, if any.   In  fact, he actually believed the estate of my mother had been opened and closed in Cook County. Remember,  Toerpe argued in DuPage County that the decedent’s estate was closed in Cook county so the court closed the decedent’s estate in DuPage.  Guess you can’t have it both ways TOERPE.
So please, please please join me on April 16, at 2 pm for the hearing of the lifetime. Bring a friend. It  would be nice if there were too many people in the courtroom, wouldn’t it.
RSVP 773-910-3310.
Thank you greatly. This time we may e able to make a difference. We may be able to show we’re united. This time, we may be able to do what is necessary, just like we did with Judge Stuart.
I see ARDC complaint flowing… or maybe not.
Thank you all greatly. God bless.
Gloria Jean Sykes
Gloria’s plight could be mine or yours!       Gloria is not the only victim of this  insidious  criminal enterprise (and cover up!)     This morning at the Northshore Senior center I called attention to the October 9, 2017 New Yorker magazine article on Guardianship abuse.   If you have not read it, please do so – it is quite strikingly similar to the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.
Indeed, there are differences between the facts related in the New Yorker article and the Sykes.   For instance, Judge Maureen Connors on page 95 of her evidence deposition take by the ARDC (Attorney disciplinary commission) admitted that she was “wired!”   (fixed!).     We can assume that the Clark County judges presiding in the New Yorker expose were fixed, but – none were so bold, arrogant, or so confident that the ‘fix’ was in all the way up to the top so as to admit it.
The  travesty  that Gloria finds herself in as a vicious assault on the Core values of America!    The threat to our sovereignty and democracy created by the co-conspiring criminals acting together and in concert to deny Sykes of her Constitutional Rights cannot be over stressed!     The official cover-up and attempts to intimidate Gloria Sykes and the attorneys who have stood up for the RULE OF LAW and have demanded an HONEST INVESTIGATION is a 9/11 attack equivalent.      NO MR. LARKIN = exposing corruption in the Courts is NOT A FUNCTIONAL EQUIVALENT OF “YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER!”
On Monday, April 2, 2018, 12:16:51 PM CDT, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:
In the October 9 New Yorker article it says that 273 billion dollars are being administered by guardians in the the United States.
If the Mary Sykes case is any example this is a gross miscalculation.    The inventory filed by the guardian did not include the million dollar gold coin collection that the guardian stole from Mary and Gloria’s safety deposit box.   It also did not disclose the cash that Mary had hidden in the house, the valuable personal property etc.    It also did not include the real value of Mary’s house.
Let me explain.    Mary had her home appraised prior to the guardianship was even contemplated by the miscreants.   It had a value of approximately $800,000.00 as a potential sales price .  (The appraisal varied apparently with the Appraiser – the high was a million dollars and the low $800,000.)   Obviously the guardian was not going to allow a fair market sale, so a parochial appraiser was engaged.   It was rumored that Cynthia Farenga’s husband was in the real estate business and had contacts with professionals.    I trust you are aware that appraisals are important in Cook County, Illinois.   For instance Real Estate taxes are based upon appraisals.   The lower the appraisal the lower the taxes.    One governor candidate who spent 70 million dollars to obtain the Democratic nomination is reported in the Tribune to have purchased a mansion adjacent to his home.   He has maneuvered the appraisal to suggest that the house itself has zero value.   The county assessor has accepted the appraisal.
Thus, the guardian petitioned the ‘wired’ judge for leave to sell the house.    A price was suggested based upon a appraisal obtained by the guardian.   This was allegedly a low ball appraisal but as an appraisal is merely opinion – who can really say!    The house was thus placed on the market for a sum in excess of the appraisal.     The expert realtor engaged to sell the house following the scenario does not get a offer!    A conference is had with the judge and it is agreed to lower the selling price – it is so ordered.    The scenario is repeated until the offering price has a stench.    Finally, an offer comes in!
Hallelujah!  A savior has arrived!   The guardian reluctantly seeks Court approval of the sale price respectfully pointing out that BUT FOR the necessity this offer would be totally unacceptable.    The ‘wired’ judge reluctantly enters an order approving the sale.   (What is not mentioned is the fact that a respected member of the corrupt Political elite has a strong hand in this transaction – in the Sykes case it was the father=in-law of the last Illinois Governor to go to jail.    (His real estate firm found the purchaser).
In reality the purchaser is a nominee.  The purchase is completed and the nominee goes into title.    Shortly thereafter the nominee engages a ‘related broker’ and the dwelling is sold for a price consistent with the purchase price from the disabled person (Mary Sykes)    A small loss on the sales price adds a nice touch.
In the event that JoAnne Denison and others are still watching a series of mesne sales are promulgated and completed until step by step the record is spiked to indicate that the true and correct appraisals were at best inaccurate.    Finally the property is sold to the ultimate purchaser — usually a developer.    The million dollar value is now the purchase price.    This sale now is a ‘capital gain’ for the miscreants and they will report it as such on their Federal and State Tax return not withstanding the fact that they have literally stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from their ward.    The theft by a fiduciary is not a capital gain – IT IS ORDINARY INCOME.
I am absolutely certain that the approximately $600,000 is not part of the estimate of money under guardianship.    I am equally certain that the jewelry and gold coin collection were also not calculated as part of the money under guardianship.  If the Sykes miscreants retained a benefit in the final project related to the real estate that money is not included in the value of property under guardianship either!    It is also not taxed.
(NB.  As the State of Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy I do not understand why the Illinois Department of Revenue is so lax at looking in this tax fraud against the State of Illinois.   As Jerome larkin – the administrator of the IARDC = attorney disciplinary commission – has orchestrated the cover -up of the Mary Skes frauds he is a co-conspirator and has joint and several liability.    As he owes a public trust his salary is easily garnishable!    In a civil collection proceeding he has the burden of proof as well as the duty to disclose exactly how much was actually stolen from Mary Sykes).
I wonder if the director of the Internal Revenue Service would discuss this perfidy with you.   He certainly knows much more about this tax scam that yours truly and especially around tax time find it advantageous to discuss tax evasion and fraud by public officials with the press.

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