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From KKD–NY Judge arrested for stealing–get this–ladies dirty panties!

You know, I am always advocating for the testing of attorneys and judges for psychopathy and banning them from the bar.  This can be doe with a PET brain scan.  Of course if they did this, it would empty most of the disciplinary agencies that let this stuff happen and are mostly psychopaths themselves.


Suffolk County District Court Judge Robert Cicale. Photo: Suffolk County Police Department via APSuffolk County District Court Judge Robert Cicale. Photo: Suffolk County Police Department via AP

The New York Court of Appeals has suspended a Suffolk County District Court judge who was arrested last week and charged with burglary after he was caught with women’s underwear that he allegedly stole from a private residence.

The state’s high court suspended Suffolk County District Judge Robert Cicale, 49, with pay, but gave the judge an April 12 deadline to submit papers to state his position as to whether or not his suspension should be continued and, if so, if he should be paid during that time.

Cicale was arrested on March 29 after allegedly breaking into a neighbor’s house in East Islip. A 23-year-old woman was home alone at the time and identified Cicale as the intruder, according to media reports.

Cicale was allegedly in possession of soiled women’s underwear when police arrived at the scene and told police that he had stolen the garments during previous break-ins.

Cicale has pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree burglary, a class C felony.

The day after Cicale’s arrest, Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks issued an order to prohibit Cicale from taking on new cases and to reassign pending matters before Cicale to other judges.

Suffolk County solo attorney William Wexler is representing Cicale in the criminal matter. Cicale, a graduate of St. John’s University School of Law, was elected to the bench in 2016. He previously served as town attorney for the Town of Islip.

From Joanne:

Now if the New York Law Journal publishes corrupt psychopathic judge stories, that’s okay. No one gets hurt.

But if I do it, the Illinois ARDC goes right after me and other attorneys such as Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu for telling the truth publicly.

They never investigate anything, and I mean anything (look at the Seth Gillman case and I have a list of others) and they never force tests for psychopaths on lawyers or judges (they would all be gone), further the JIB and ARDC and Ill. Sup. Ct refuses to do so, and they won’t pull the deposit records on judges and ARDC staff (Larkin) who clearly have mightily suspicious property records that look like for sure money laundering of bribes.

Which I think is funny, because when I think of money laundering, I think of washing my husband’s pants and finding $25 or $50 pulled out of the washer because he does not empty his pocket.  I leave it out for a day or two to dry out on top of the dryer, but if it’s not picked up by then (he never goes in the laundry room), it’s then donated to the food fund for the house.  Too funny. Ladies, I’m sure you know.  They watch sports and we do cookig, clening and laundry.

So I hope you enjoy the article.

Women’s dirty panties, are you kidding?

Hall of shame, sir.


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