From Mike Ference on Clergy sex abuse victims: there may be good news coming

By Mike Ference

The latest scathing report on not one, but six Pennsylvania Dioceses is expected to be out possibly as early as May. Some advocates for survivors are predicting the worst case scenario. I’m one of them.

Is it possible that Pennsylvania government, PA law enforcement, PA media, PA Catholics and several others may have willingly given this institution a pass for sexually abusing innocent children?

As an advocate for Catholic Clergy sex victims for almost 30 years I crafted articles and essays, created a blog, posted on Facebook and comment sections. My views were turbulent analysis that took no prisoners.

Every story, article, comment I wrote took a toll on me; not only financially – as I let my home-based business almost fade away – but emotionally; as the stress was never ending.

When my articles started popping up on and; I knew I couldn’t quit.

Even the Pittsburgh Diocese noticed my toils.

A former director of communications for the Pittsburgh Diocese wrote a rebuttal to a scalding viewpoint I penned for a weekly community publication, where the editor actually cared about protecting children and exposing dysfunctional sex freaks within the Pittsburgh Diocese.

“It borders on slander,” the spokesperson wrote, in trying to repudiate my dissertation.

That’s when I knew I was a writer. When I went pen to pen, keyboard to keyboard with a modern-day Goliath and I was able to walk away after severely mutilating the titan’s reputation, with not even a scuff to my character.

That was almost twelve years ago. Not much has happened.

I even tried to challenge publishers, editors and station managers to debunk my amateur investigation with the hope of finally exposing the clerical culprits.

They deliberately chose to give the Pittsburgh Diocese a pass.

Most recently, I was reviewing all the awards given to local journalists for their great writing skills.

I guess kudos are in order for their creativity, wordsmithing and whatever else goes with the prestige of those honorable distinctions.

I wonder what publishers, editors, station managers, journalists, investigative reporters and other media people will proudly proclaim they did nothing to protect children and everything to protect pedophiles.

If necessary, I could recommend a suitable award and I know where you folks could stick it.

 from Mike Ference.

From Joanne:

I understand completely Mike’s frustration with publishing many facts and investigative documents that show a trail of crimes and corruption, only to be met with reluctance from mega media to confirm and advance these great stories and information because certain entities are simply “too big to challenge.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Two dogged journalists in Penn. took down a system of corruption in the Kids for Cash scandal, but what about the banksters involved, only one went to prison?

We need to extricate the slime from society and stop holding back for the elite and well heeled who beg to be granted a break while all the time they’re deep into it.

This has to end. Everything has to be exposed and cleaned up. The dirty ones among us can no longer be given a pass for being in the upper echelons of nothing good will come from what they do.


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