From EF: Is Judge Quish associated with a $1500 bribe? If so, why is she still a judge?

Corruption: Judge Clare Joyce Quish paid $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Ald. Isaak Carothers and his fake “Senior Wizdom Consulting” company (aka Carother’s own home)


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Dear All,
I continue to report rampant judicial corruption in  Illinois Court system; and want to provide updates how Judge Clare Joyce Quish obtained her judicial seat through her family and personal connections; and paid   $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Alderman Isaak Carothers  and his fake  “Senior Wizdom Consulting” company  (which is NOT registered in the State of Illinois and in fact is operated from  Carothers’ own home) for some questionable campaign consulting services.
Clare J. Quish is a well-connected jurist, former Clerk to Justice Mary Jane Theis (who is responsible for judicial appointments); and a niece to well-connected Judge  James McCarthy , who is  a long-time Judge in Law Division Cook County Court.
I believe that Clare Quish’s mother, Mary Jo Quish (sister to Judge McCarthy) is an Assistant Principal for a religious St. Athanasius School who provide  students with an unsurpassed Catholic educational opportunity, to encourage strong academic achievement  and to inspire students to become leaders in the imitation of Christ.
Based on my observation , Clare Quish  ASSIGNMENT by Justice Theis on  a position of public Trust was  beyond unethical, if not say more.
I respectfully demand Judge Clare Quish to  explain to Illinois public for which particular consulting services she paid $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Ald.  Isaak Carothers.

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