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From FB: Interesting turn of events from Baby Alfie family–stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with hopsital?

The goal now of Baby Alfie’s family, having been denied the right to take the baby to Rome where Italian doctors will treat when UK doctors won’t, is now from the 21 year old father, stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with the hospital in hopes of taking our baby home.

How many times have you all heard that from DCFS, DFS, APS, the probate court system etc.–all you have to do is cooperate, stop the ralleys and protests, work with us and cooperate and then you can take your child home.

Did it work for Barbara Stone?  Nope, they’re getting ready to kill off Helen Stone as Barbara rots in prison on false charges.

Did it work for Ilwanna Lahoody where the son was promised, you can take mom home, if only you cooperate.  Well he lost his home, his $600k bank account and his mom.  I’m still not sure if all or just some of that bank account was returned to him, but his mom for sure wasn’t.

I am sure there are dozens of stories out there.

So the authorities in the UK are clamping down, just as they do here.

Generally it’s not a good thing, first will come court ordered isolation and then hospice as narcotics are dispensed (baby must be in pain) and food and water withdrawn.

We’ve all seen it a dozen times. The threats from the govt, the false promises, then you stand down, the public loses interest and the cover up plan is complete.  Dust and dirt successfully swept under the rug.

But for all the baby Alfies out there, how many scores of the elderly and disabled experience this all the time in the US and even in other countries, and there is no recourse and no remedy as persons in black robes and dark suits steal and even murder with impunity.

read on.

pray for them all.


Latest: Alfie Evans’ father calls on supporters to ‘stand down’ and says plan will be agreed to provide son with ‘dignity and comfort’

Little Alfie is “still going strong” nearly 60 hours after his life support was withdrawn – his parents last night lost their court battle to fly him to Italy for treatment


Alfie Evans’s father has made a dramatic u-turn tonight as he praised Alder Hey staff hours after claiming doctors “hate” the family and treat them “like criminals.”

Tom Evans has called on ‘Alfie’s Army to ‘stand down’ and asked for supporters to ” allow myself, Kate and Alder Hey to form a relationship, build a bridge and walk across it.”

His ‘final’ statement, which praised staff for ‘dignity and professionalism,’ came after he reportedly spent this afternoon in talks with the hospital.

The 21-year-old had earlier suggested Alfie could live for “months, possibly years,” and vowed to go back to court if today’s meeting “doesn’t go well”.

His comments also came just hours after it was revealed NHS staff in Liverpool have been told to hide their uniforms over fears of abuse.

Protesters across London, Belfast and Washington DC have marched in support of Alfie today after previous backing from Poland and Vatican and Italy.


Scroll down for updates on Alfie.

‘They aim to get him home’

Late last night, Alfie’s uncle Daniel posted a comment on the official Facebook page to update followers:

I have seen that people are believing this is the end of Alfie’s army?

Tom has released a statement that states he will not approach media or want any protests

This will be until something changes with the hospital but we hope and pray it doesnt

They aim to get him where they have always desperately wanted him HOME.

And with today’s positive meeting this could be a goal complete for Tom and Kate

I will continue to update when necessary

Alfie Evans protests across the world

Hundreds of supporters of Alfie Evans staged demonstrations in London, Ireland and America.

The protests come after Alfie’s parents Kate James and Tom Evans failed in a last-ditch attempt to persuade Alder Hey hospital and judges to let their seriously ill son on fly to Italy for treatment.

Alfie Evans protesters in Belfast (Image: Photopress Belfast)

Protests for the stricken toddler have been seen in Washington DC and Belfast after previous backing from Poland and Vatican and Italy.

However, the live stream of London’s march between Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament was abandoned part way through after Alfie’s dad issued a statement calling on ‘Alfie’s Army to ‘stand down.’

MEP launches ‘Alfie’s Law’ campaign

An MEP has launched a campaign for “Alfie’s Law” to give the parents of terminally-ill children more say in their end-of-life hospital care.

Steven Woolfe , Member of the European Parliament for North West England, is backing the bid following his support for the family of Alfie Evans.

He launched the campaign outside the Houses of Parliament today just a few hours before Alfie’s dad Tom Evans called on supporters to ‘stand down.’

‘Please respect this statement’

Alfie’s dad Tom has asked supporters to ‘respect’ the statement he issued last night.

On Thursday evening, the family said it was time to work with doctors at Alder Hey to give Alfie “the dignity and comfort he needs”.

On the official Alfie’s Army Facebook page he attached an image of the statement and added: “Thank you all from the bottom off our hearts please respect this statement



“You have all been the most crucial part of our fight and we love you all.”


From Joanne:

well, I guess they finally got to this 21 year old father. so sad.


3 thoughts on “From FB: Interesting turn of events from Baby Alfie family–stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with hopsital?

  1. He’s young and hopeful…it is sad to be playing into their hands. They want to deal..with a life?! We should only stand down when the baby is on his way to Italy and the UK should be paying the fare….I think people should withhold tourism…go to another Country this year to visit….all of Europe is lovely…see the Palace another time!…..when baby Alfie is free!

    • Thanks for the reply. The father age 21 is young and naive. He thinks now he plays the game all will be well.
      In 99% of case in my opinion, this is a ruse to the cover up the govt wants. If he accepts a cover up, he is a hypocrite and sell out.
      but that is his issue, not yours or mine.
      In 99% of these corrupt cases where psychopaths in judicial robes and dark suits are involved, it’s a ruse and they will just eventually stab you in the back. the farther has no intuition or discernment and not enough self esteem to tell them to all go F themselves.
      This will end likely in a tragedy. Ask Barbara Stone, who is in prison on false charges about “complying” (she did because they threatened to murder her mother, which they are doing right now), ask Joy Ketelhut about “complying”, they murdered her mom too. And Gloria Sykes will tell you about “complying” and how they use that ruse to murder everyone.
      Keep up the prayers for Baby Alfie and family and these crooked judges.

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