From Gloria Sykes–the TRUTH about the Mary G Sykes case 09 P 4585

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To: Tim Lahrman NASGA <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, scott evans <>, Sue Fege <>, states attorney <>, “” <>, Lucinda <>, LUCIUS VERENUS <>, Debby Holda – cousin <>, “Sgt. Tom Kammerer Naperville Police” <>, “Chief David E.. Dial Naperville” <>
Subject: RE: Stern and Farenga’s fee petitions
Date: Sep 19, 2014 4:39 PM
Dear Tim,

Please note for the purpose of this email, I’ve cc’d people who should be aware of some facts, which I just obtained today, via mail from GAL Adam Stern and attorney for Carolyn Toerpe, Peter Schmiedel.

1.  Re: Adam Stern, who was appointed as a Special Guardian Ad Litem to preform two specific duties (because the court appointed GAL, Cynthia Farenga did not appear because, as she wrote to the Court, my mother Mary G. Sykes had not been served notice and/or summons regarding the guardianship, and 2, Mary G. Sykes was living in DuPage County (527 Grimes), not Cook County):

(1)  Stern was to procure ‘all’ of the Naperville and Chicago Police Reports regarding Carolyn Toerpe (from 2009) and,
(2)  Stern was to check on a ‘reverse mortgage’ for my mother, because Carolyn Toerpe told the Court that mother’s assets were ‘scant’ and she could not afford to live in her home.

Adam Stern did not comply with the August 26, 2009 court order and did
not file with the Court the Naperville and Chicago Police Reports, or even
provide the Court with an evaluation of Mother’s assets and if a reverse
mortgage could keep her in her home. (Mother lived very comfortably, and
on August 26, 2009, has an estate worth over $1.5 million dollars: today,
Mary G. Sykes is a pauper, according to Toerpe.)

2.  Re. Adam Stern, who filed a fee petition claiming 211 hours of work, and requested payment of $66,500!

3.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged Mary G. Sykes for legal consultation with Debby Holda as Ms. Holda called Mr. Stern with questions about a FED Supeona where she was commanded to appear and testify regarding her knowledge of Toerpe having removed all of Mother’s (and my) property from 6014 N. Avondale and having an estate sale, as well as at least one garage sale which Toerpe brought property belonging to Mary G. Sykes and me for sale.  Debby Holda testified under oath that she did not retain any attorney or consult with any attorney..

4.  Re.  Adam Stern, who charged my mother, Mary G. Sykes for preventing Kenneth Ditkowsky — who she asked me to locate and retain, to help get her out of the guardianship and protect her property — from investigating claims brought to him from family and friends:

5.  Re. Adam Stern, further charged my mother, Mary G. Sykes for reading emails from Kenneth Ditkowsky, Kathie Bakken, Debbie Holda,

6.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother for a Chancery coomplait I filed against Carolyn Toerpe:  (again, showing that Adam Stern also represented Toerpe….)

7.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my Mother for the ADA complaint which Stern was sued.

8.  Re. Adam Stern, who showed up in my bankruptcy to support Schmiedel who represented Toerpe for the modification of stay, charged my Mother.

9.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother for the Adversay complaint against Adam Stern, in my Chapter 11.

10.  Re. Adam Stern who charged Mary G. Sykes for the 7th Circuit Appeal in the ADA Complaint that named Carolyn Toerpe and Stern as Defendants.

11.  Re. Adam Stern who charged Mary G. Sykes to review the appeals (4) filed which he was not a party, but Carolyn Toerpe as alleged guardian was the defendant.

12.  Re.  Adam Stern, who charged my Mother in the partiction action against my property 2016 and for looking for a qualified Commission, which he found none, and instead got the court to appoint a probate attorney, who was not bonded or certified as a Commissioner, who *****.

13.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother for when Kenneth Ditkowsky appealed for writing the response brief: Adam Stern was found to have no standing and the order sanctioning Diskowsky was vacated.

14.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother for Kenneth Ditkowsky’s appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court on the ARDC matter.

15.  RE. Adam Stern, who charged my Mother for all of the ARDC proceedings against attorney Kenneth Ditkowsky, including TC (telephone conversations) with the ARDC attorney!!!!

16.  On August 13, 2013, Adam Stern charged .5 hours to work on letter to family regarding visitation — in consultation with Cynthia Farenga and Carolyn Toerpe.  (Huuuummmm, I never received any letter from Stern regarding visitation with my mother!!)

17.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother, Mary G. Sykes for emails with and between attorney JoAnne Denison, regarding Dennison’s ARDC complaint.

19.  Re. Adam Stern, who consulting with Peter Schmiedel and Carolyn Toerpe regarding the Federal litigation and Kenneth Ditkowsky.

20.  On June 13, 2014  Adam Stern had a conference call with Peter Schmiedel, Amanda Bryne, and CINDY?  I beleive this may be somebody with U.S. Bank, and the safe deposit box, but not certain, although the date is correct.
(I guess Adam Stern had a lot more involvement with the drilling out of the safe box and the contents of the safe deposit bank box than he testified.. and to how to “SCAM” the court and get Toerpe’s name on the safe deposit box’s ownership card…)

21, And, but not limited to, (VERY IMPORTANT) Adam Stern “reviewed” the ADA Request for Accommodation with Peter and Amanda.

Let me close by saying that Adam Stern must feel so protected by someone (maybe an imaginary friend) that he actually believes he can charged a disabled person (under the ADA) for working with Toerpe to discriminate against Mary G. Sykes.

And charging my mother for Kenneth Ditkowsky’s ADA suit, and the Illinois Supreme Court appeal, and the 7th Circuit Court  — but it appears thus far he has not consulted on the U.S. Supreme Court, but then maybe I missed it.

In sum, Peter Schmiedel and other attorneys from Fischel and Kahn, did the same, charging mother to protect Carolyn and perpertrate a discrimation so serious, I wonder if Stern and Schmiedel are simply too arrogant (sociopaths, and people of the lie) or Stupid, as Forrest Gump would say, “Stupid is what Stupid Does”.

I will scan and send full petitions and accounting of both Stern and Schmiedel to you this weekend and I ask that these fee petitions be circulated and posted far and wide.

As far as the States Attorney’s office is concerned, i hope now you can see the crimes committed: Stern and Schmiedel made a deal from the beginning with Carolyn Toerpe that they would protect and represent her and be paid only when they got all of my assets (which they just divvied up to pay Stern and Schmiedel) and rendered me homeless and penniless.

A complete review of the record the STATES ATTORNEY  will see hat Stern and Schmiedel said that all of (my) assets (Lumberman’s settlement) were for my mother’s care.  As it is, about $$160,000 has gone to Stern, Fischel and Kahn (Peter Schmiedel) and other unnamed atorneys who represented Carolyn in Bankruptcy, Adversary, Forcible and Detainer, and Chancery matters where Stern, Schmiedel, and Farenga, and Carolyn Toerpe were the named defendants.  I know this is called money laundering and serious violations of the Title II of the ADA.

The fact that Adam Stern consulted with Debby Holda and Debby Holda LIED under oath, is ****.  I will put judicial notice accordingly.

The Fact that the GAL and Schmiedel is charging my mother for Chancery is also *** and judicial notice is forthcoming.

The reality that my mother is paying for Ken Ditkowsky’s and JoAnne Dennison’s ADA complaints, well, that’s simply bulshit and financial exploitation in the highest degree.

The fact that Adam Stern has a $65000 IRS lien on his home and is charging my mother $66,500 is no coincidence.

I guess, since Stern has stollen $66,000 from my bankruptcy estate, alleging that it’s from my mother, a disabled person under the Title II of the ADA, to pay his IRS lien, I should provide the IRS with the document too.

Post, republish, do what you may but please help support my moher and stop the money laundering, discrimination, and abuse, and ultimate MURDER of my Mother, who, by the way her life is in serious danger, because once a Guardian gets all the money (or the money runs out) the Elder/Ward is either over or under medicated, then suffocated, and murdered and cremated. Don’t believe me. Please READ Dr. Bennet Blum’s studies. I also have a professional interview with Dr. Blum.

Healthy Regards,

Gloria Jean Sykes

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