From Gloria Sykes–see how the lawyers get paid and Mary gets zippo

Also, notice the conversion of the dog Hannah. If any of you are there are animal rights activists, you might want to represent me in court.  The deal with Hannah (and I told the GAL’s this) is that she was Peanut’s sister, she was given to Mary as a therapy animal, and she was to be returned to me or Gloria if or when Mary passes.

My dog Peanut is Hannah’s sister and they love each other dearly (I would like Sherri Brenner to take pics of them at play if we can get visitation from CT).

I am deeply upset and disappointed that CT is engaging in conversion of Hannah, and HAD HER INSERTED WITH ANOTHER AVID CHIP!  Hannah is already chipped, like Peanut with Home Again. The rechipping is a blatant conversion of precious property–mine and Gloria’s..

See also in the order how ALL OF THE LIQUIDATION OF MARY’S ASSETS, contrary to what the GAL’s have said in court, are going to the attorneys.  Tens of thousands of dollars, and what does Mary get for her care–zippo.

please see the court orders below:

and once again I note that we publish EVERYTHING. the ardc does not.  they don’t do ethics reporting which they are mandated to do under the Illinois Ethics Act of 2009 and they do not publish their salaries as do 99% of other Illinois state agencies.

What is up with that?

The Illinois public, which has suffered as THE MOST CORRUPT STATE IN THE NATION, deserves a whole lot better.

I’m just saying


The following is what Gloria had to say:


On the 15th of September, attorneys Peter Schmiedel and Adam Stern (Cynthia Farenga did not appear) and Carolyn Toerpe hurried the court (in less than 5 minutes) to sign the attached 14 pages of orders, in order to create the illusion that they can launder money for their personal financial gain — and make certain that I was not present, to object, and be part of the record.  Of course I didn’t receive 10 day notice or even copies of all of the documents, including but not limited to Toerpe’s (you know, the alleged psychologist, PhD, who signed the initial CCP211 Toerpe filed with the court)  REPORT on my Mother’s health, Fee petitions from Stern, Schmiedel and Bryne and other attorneys from Fischel and Kahn (Deborah Jo Soehlig and Mr. Manning, who neither represented Toerpe the Guardian, or my mother’s estate (although Deborah Jo Soehlig told Judge Darrah in the U.S. District Court she represented my Mother Estate)).  As normal for Toerpe, Toerpe claimed that Mother’s health had declined so much that Mother was in need of serious 24/7 care, (which means that now that Toerpe and company got all of mother’s money, all of my money, as Dr. Bloom stated, Toerpe will “murder” my mother either by over or under medication or suffocation, and will then cremate Mother, to hide any proof of abuse and wrongful death/murder.  All of this comes on the heals of the Naperville Police having eyes on Mother in June 2014, and finding mother highly articulate, very healthy (and she’s 95).  Interesting that Toerpe refused to let the police have eyes on Mother this past weekend, Toerpe telling the police that they could see mom if they wanted, but as Guardian she could prevent them from doing so.  In any event, the truth is, Toerpe didn’t want “eyes” on mother because she did not want yet another police report by the Naperville Police reporting how healthy, and without dementia, my mother still is. It’s just too bad that the Naperville Police, who I’ve copied, refuse to learn the laws, including the Probate Act of 1975, and the ADA title II and DOJ Regulations.

Their reactions in the Sykes case is supported by all of the fraud on the court perpetrated by Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel, Bryne, and Toerpe.  I swear none of these people have said anything of fact or truth in the Probate Court, Chancery Court, U.S. District Court, Bankruptcy Court, or even to law enforcement.  They are, what Dr. Peck calls, “People of the Lie”.  Unfortunately LIARS as these people are, are not considered mentally ill, although Peck argues that as sociopaths, People of the Lie who harm others, are definitely mentally ill. LOOK AT AND TAKE A HARD READ of Stern, Farenga’s and Schmiedel’s “MEMORANDUM AGREEMENT” (attached).  There may be a few words of truth, but at first, second or third read, there’s so many lies, that even the ounce of truth is hidden.  From the beginning of their memorandum, they omit that Toerpe is the Respondent to an order of protection authored by my mother, and then, go on to say that Stern was appointed special guardian because Cynthia Farenga was out of town, et al.  We all know that Cynthia Farenga didn’t appear as she wrote in the fax to the court, because she hadn’t put eyes on mother, and more important, mother had not been served summons or notice, and mother was living in DuPage County, not Cook County.  I don’t have the time to go point by point, but please publish this document, as the RECORD does not support one word they say!

But then this is how it’s been for a long, long time.  It’s been all about Gloria  — me — who has done this and that, including having stole $1.3 million dollars from my mother, while Stern and Farenga knew or should have known Toerpe was the abuser and financial exploiter.  BTW I also just bought a ‘flashy new Lexis” in 2009 with my mother’s money, and ****.  I’m still driving my 1999 1/2 Infiniti QX4 that I bought in August 1999. (Infiniti didn’t make a 2000, so I guess in reality this is a 2000)

Curious, the order reads that Stern is asking for $66,000 which is at this time the same amount he owes the IRS for the Lien now on his very expensive home. [see property records published in other posts on this blog] Stern Farenga and Schmiedel said they were already paid a combined total of about $100,000 from the sale of Mother’s (my) home, 6014, you know the one they sold for cash $238,000, (50% less than the value of the property) and not one penny from the $238,000 was inventoried. (The home was sold in 2013, May, and the attached inventory is for 2013).

Apparently Mother is not living in Toerpe’s home or is bussed out every day so Toerpe can enjoy her retirement with her unemployed-forever husband.  All said, Mother has complete medical, dental and prescription drug coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield and he City of Chicago, and yet, look at all the medical bills mother’s paid for….. They certainly do not reflect the 5 Wellness Checks from 2013 where mother was always found in good health, alert, communicative, and without dementia.

In any event, Stern, Bryne and Schmiedel refused to send me a copy of the attached 14 pages of Order and ya gotta wonder why.  The answer is simple.  if I read certain case law correct,  orders granting fee petitions are final and therefore, appealable.

BUT THERE’S ANOTHER REASON THEY DIDN’T WANT ME TO HAVE THE FINAL ORDER(S).  Look at the last few pages of the order, the two pages before the order granting Fischel and Kahn another $45,000.  It’s the transfer orders for the 2009 Petition for an order of Protection.  Yep. Although there is a transfer order from another case (I’m looking up), Stern, Schmiedel and Bryne probably convinced the court that the OP was against me!!!  Even thought it says  Mary G. Sykes v. Carolyn Sykes-Toerpe!

Finally, and not to further waste anybody’s time, as all ya gotta do is read this crap and you can see that it’s just that, LIES and crap, apparently the entire $260,000 was removed from the Probate Clerk’s account some time ago, and there is no transfer from that account, where Stuart wrote an order that only $50,000 was to be disbursed to Toerpe.  The order reads that everything comes out of the Estate of Mary G. Sykes, which is — wait, wait, wait… in the U.S. Bank  — ya know he same bank where mother had all of her accounts (3) and over $25,000, plus the safe bank box.  I cannot find any account with my mother’s name, or as i should, The Estate of Mary G. Sykes, at U.S. Bank.

Its really telling why Stern, Schmiedel and Toerpe refused to send me a copy of the final orders stealing my money, and why Health Report Toerpe submitted on Mother was not an original, and was redacted and restricted, and I cannot get a copy from the Clerk’s office too.  it’s also telling that Stern never sent me a copy of his fee petition.  Even a challenged child could connect the dots.

PLEASE POST and cross post the entire 14 pages of orders I got from MacCarhy’s clerk.  And please, everybody put in a request for a Wellness Check on my mother.  If she is in hospice, as it is believed a person who was sitting in the courtroom heard, then my mother will be or is dead by murder.  As Dr. Bloom reports, when the money runs out, or after the guardian and others get all of the Ward’s money, the elderly or disabled are either over or under medicated,and or  suffocated and then cremated.  Word isn’t published for weeks or until way after the remains disappear.

I thought long and hard as to whether I would make public these documents and I’d be remiss to not to expose Toerpe and company for who they are.  If anybody wants to the facts, please contact me.  I’ll give you the page numbers in the Record which disproves everything Schmiedel, Stern and Farenga say.

And you wonder why they didn’t have notarized or swear to what they wroe in their Agreed Memorandum.   Enjoy the read.

see the orders at

PS–from Joanne, I just got told in another 18th floor court room that family could not object to fee petitions because they had no standing (sister and only heir son). This is even more bizarre in light of the fact that the family hired this attorney, and they were to pay her. But in the midst of fights with the “appointed attorneys” she turned redcoat and dropped all her pleadings on behalf of the family to get paid $3700 our of the estate! And the judge said the family could not object!  amazing. Does anyone miss the irony of this?

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