PRESS RELEASE – Court victims to gather tomorrow at Daley Center 1 pm. Be there or be square.

For Immediate Release:
Unite for Justice meeting
Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.
Daley Center, Chicago

A group of domestic victims will gather in front of the Daley Center to discuss their experience of injustice by government officials within the court system.

Denise Rotheimer, author of Jasmine’s Law and the Victims’ Rights Sign-Off Sheet, organized a meeting with dozens of individuals who shared their grievances after becoming victimized by the system.  “The child welfare system is supposed to protect our children not break up the homes of innocent families. Who really protects the rights of the working poor from a system that fails us?” asks Lakisha Tanna, LCSW, Social worker.

Phillip Rotheimer, Vietnam Veteran and father of Adam Rotheimer, continues to question how Lake County authorities had a right to arrest his son without jurisdiction and hold him in a jail cell for forty days as a direct result of the malicious prosecution by formerly disgraced Lake County State’s Attorney Michael J. Waller.  “I served my duty as a Military Police Officer in the Vietnam war to protect the homeland and stop the spread of communism. Yet, I wasn’t able to protect my own son from becoming victimized by the system.” The criminal charge against Rotheimer was dismissed and his federal suit against Lake County officials is still pending.

“Our courts must work for the best interest of all people. Families must be united rather than broken apart. Our families are the foundation of society. The elders must be protected from the ‘Probate Sharks,’ their hard earned assets belong to them and their families and not to the army of unnecessary service providers. Equal access to justice and equal justice for all are human Rights, declares Attorney ’Lanre Amu whose law license was wrongfully suspended for exposing judicial corruption in Illinois.

Jasmine Jimenez, survivor of child sexual violence and recent law school graduate of Cambridge University in England, recalls her crusade for justice. “I was 12-years when I told the prosecutor that I would testify in court if it meant bringing the rapist to justice. But I never had the opportunity to speak. The prosecutor agreed to a plea deal without my knowledge and against my expressed wishes. After Jasmine’s Law was enacted,  in my junior year at Washington and Lee University, I filed a federal law suit to declare the Crime Victims’ Rights laws unconstitutional because the statutes deny victims of violent crime of our individual right to due process. As a victim of violent crime, I became a second-class citizen and was further victimized by the system.”
Attorneys Ken Ditkowksy and Joanne Denison who have spoken out against corruption in the Cook County Court system vociferously have also been targets of retaliation. Both attorneys have made it known that “groups of judges have acted so outrageously denying certain public members their human and civil rights,  that such injustices could not be tolerated in a democratic society. The grievances by the public there are many,” says  Ms. Denison.  “I am presently awaiting  ‘discipline’  having been convicted by an ARDC (kangaroo tribunal) of ‘misconduct’  for merely running a blog that speaks the truth.  Mr. Dtikowsky was suspended for 4 years.  These injustices cannot be tolerated in an open, free and democratic society.”
Contact: Denise Rotheimer at 847-406-8566 or email

3 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE – Court victims to gather tomorrow at Daley Center 1 pm. Be there or be square.

    • Now, now, you know you are safe because you are poor. They only want the wealthy ones or those that are getting huge stipends from the US government. You have neither so they are not interested in you.
      But for the average depression era eldster who scrimped and saved and sacrificed over and over again to pay off their home, a nice car, and they have something in the bank.–they’re in huge trouble.
      Or, you can have a relative with big bucks and they can lie and say the relative stole from you. But I know you and your family is poor too. So you’re safe.

      thanks to your lucky stars today.

      take care and thanks for the comment


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