JUSTICE RALLY today in Daley Center 1 pm.

I will be making about 10 picket signs today.  Let me know if you want one (email me) and what you want on your sign.

These signs are easily made by sandwiching a plaster lathe from home depot (cost about 50 cents in bulk) between two foam boards and securing with plenty of hot glue.  Both the foam board and the plaster lathe can be purchased at Home Depot or Menards or Lowe’s.  CVS has great permanent poster board markers.

I generally decorate my signs with glitter paints (CVS) and crocheted fuzzy yarns (Michaels).

Support the economy and justice today by making a picket sign for Justice, the Bill of Rights, Jurisdiction–whatever.  The 18th floor of Probate is good to inform with these signs, so is family law court where custody and visitation should be joint.


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