From Atty Barbara Stone in Floria–ground zero for probate problems!

Subject: My beautiful mom whose death was ordered by a black robed predator
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 14:16:16 -0400

Dear Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey

Please protect my beautiful defenseless elder mom, Helen Stone from life threatening danger.  She has been abused by being punched and shaken until she is black and blue.  She is being drugged by drugs so powerful that a 300 pound man would be knocked out.   Her speech is very slurred – she cannot speak because of the chemical restraints that are forced on her.  She was given fake glasses and cannot see.  She is isolated and is forcibly kept in a lock down facility in Miami, Florida. 

 My mom weighs less than 90 pounds because she was deprived her food money.  She was emergency admitted to the hospital after my spiritual leader visited her and found her unconscious and incoherent.   My vibrant mom who was always impeccably dressed now looks like a refugee from a third world country because she was emaciated.  She suffered surgery to implant a feeding tube although she is perfectly capable of eating because the criminal enterprise that owns her does not want to spend the time to give her food. 

My mom’s property and her treasured possessions have been looted.  She has been forcibly removed from her apartment that I found for her that she and my father proudly fixed up and made it their home.  My dad always wanted to be on the ground floor of an apartment building so I spent months finding them the perfect place that would suit their needs.

My mom always called me her heart.  We were inseparable – wherever we went, we were always told we looked alike. 

Now my mom can’t see me because someone who wears a black robe, operates under color of law abuse and issues death edicts wants her to die in isolation so the cabal that operates a criminal enterprise called “guardianship”  can steal her assets and possessions.  

Taking my mother’s possessions by theft ordered by a black robe predator is a sordid, discriminatory and criminal felony under Florida laws statute 825 and Federal laws 18 USC 4, 42 USC 1983 and 1985.  It is a heinous affront to a law abiding citizen.  Yet the plundering and beatings and atrocities committed on a vulnerable defenseless widow that has now been made public is tyrannical.  

 I wonder why the word ‘guardian” seems to have some different connotation when it is referenced by that term instead of the definitions that accurately describe the activities being perpetrated by the guardian enterprise- human trafficking, money laundering. crimes against humanity, color of law abuse, criminal enterprise, RICO crimes, identity theft, social security theft and discrimination.   

These are Federal and State crimes that fall under the purview of the Department of Justice and the FBI.    

I am the target of malicious retaliation for trying to protect my mom that is so vicious that I have no frame of reference to even comprehend.  I have been slandered and vilified with perjured with repeated stay away orders.   I have been denied the right to see my mother.  My mother does not even know why she cannot see me. 

The mastermind of this operation is an attorney who was found guilty of fraud, perjury and lying under oath by the 3rd DCA.   He uses my mother’s assets as his slush fund.   He has taken the law into his own hands with the collusion of a criminal wearing a black robe. 

This attorney, a criminal is thumbing his nose at you and taunting the law enforcement profession.  I have notified the police.  In utter astonishment and disregard for their duty to investigate, instead of doing so, they contact the very people who are abusing her who shut them down.  I have contacted Governor Rick Scott who is well aware that Florida’s citizens are being deprived of their life  by this criminal enterprise who informs me that although “he cares for our citizens”, there is “nothing” he can do.  


These are crimes of abuse, exploitation and discrimination. 


Please deputize me to enforce the law if law enforcement will  not enforce their laws..


How is it that our American justice system has come to this – where I must plead for my mother’s life? 


How can you tolerate this shameless unlawful abuse of an innocent law abiding defenseless citizen? 

Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey- my parents were the foundation of America.  They meet in college after my dad did a tour with the army and served in Vietnam.  He received an honorable discharge and married my mom. the town beauty of a small town in the deep south – Canton Mississippi.  They moved there after college and opened a retail store.  The Kl Klux Klan reigned at that time.  My grandfather would go to the jail in the middle of the night to bail out persons who were discriminated against.  My parents would give clothes from their store on trust alone to the townspeople to take home and try on without being bullied by other customers.  My dad was a steadfast believer in human rights.

 This is a photo of my mom and I when I arranged a surprise birthday party for her before our encounter with this underworld operation.   The other attached photo is my mom’s emaciated body after the cabal took human possession of her and her money and deprived her of food.

This enterprise is a massive financial fraud scheme that dwarfs the Bernie Madoff and Enron scandal.   It is way overly ripe for your investigation.  It is rampant and as our population ages, it will explode and infiltrate crime into every pore of our country.

Massive emergency measures are needed.

Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey, my mother is in imminent danger.  She is being kept isolated, denied her right to eat, she is being chemically restrained, denied her right to see me, her daughter and is kept in a lock down facility in Miami,  Florida.  Her body is frail and she is in life threatening danger.  

Please take my mother to safety and save her life.

Please, please have someone from your organization contact me and proudly carry out your law abiding protection of my mother.   



Barbara Stone


212.994.5481 – fax’

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