From Kathie Bakken–where and how to file an ADA complaint

To file a complaint re: Americans with Disability Act

To file a grievance regarding the ADA with the Circuit Court of Cook County

and a 4th circuit brief explains why Judges are not excluded from immunity for an injunction under the ADA, they only are immune from a damages suit:

this is a very good brief that explains a whole lot.

Further, the article below explains the ADA in the content of Olmstead integration, where seniors and disables want to remain in the community, they cannot be forced into nursing home care:

And it’s Official the Policy on Visitation of the OPG of Illinois

Dear Readers;

Now to start off with, I can’t believe that in the Janie Thomas Estate case, the judge actually preferred to hand over this woman to have a guardian that has more complaints than Doans has pills, and yes, Doans pharmaceuticals made a lot of pills in its hey day.  I was told during a 5 day grueling trial there were no other options.  Really?  A government agency–with a ton of ton of serious complaints against it?  I for one would like to know how they can lose track of ward for months, but still bill the estate for “social services” (LB estate), how they can tell wards they have to live in locked down facilities or they will get no food or housing money, etc.  And when they drain the estate, they withdraw from the case, leaving the ward homeless and penniless. It’s not their fault, right?  Got that.  I wouldn’t even do that to a pet rock, but apparently some bureaucrats think it’s okay to treat the elderly of the State of Illinoi that way.

But nevermind, that’s exactly what the new judge in 1804 recently did.  New judge, same as the old judge.  So, is it in the water, or is it in the leather chair the judge sits in.  I’m just wondering.

And of course, you can say on this blog, but Ms. Joanne, you’re being so unfair, those judges are so smart, they are doing their best, they don’t want to harm an old debilitated senior citizen.  They have law degrees, 8 to 10 years of college.  They say they care.

Right.  I submit they know exactly what they are doing, there are agreements made far in advance, and no one–not a judge or probate attorney will deny that the following insulting and illegal policy isn’t their official policy when they take over a case.

My only question is, they know who I am and what I do.  Do they think that I would not publish this?  And how many of you probate victims have not suffered under such an unfair and clearly illegal policy, but because it was issued by “THE GOVERNMENT”, they get away with it.  Left and right.

is absolutely inexcusable.  Many of you have been through this.  People work 9 to 5 weekdays. But these people are excluded.  Hours are limited. Federal laws say elders must not be isolated–meaning if Janie wanted to see her family and the family wanted to see her, that HAS to happen.

So what was Janie and her devoted sister doing before all of this?  Each Sunday with family, going to church, going out to dinner.  Janie months earlier would go to meditation classes, out to eat with family and friends, heck, she even did line dancing.

What is the policy of the OPG and their nursing home friends?  No going out–ever.  You read it here.  In the case of Ms. KS of Rockford, until I complained in court, that woman had not see the light of day for 2 and a half years!  The OPG did not care.  When the son complained he was either sushed up or ignored in court.  You have to get a lawyer to get a couple hours of sunshine under our wonderful OPG system.

But the courts hand off seniors who can get far better care from family members on a regular basis to the OPG–an agency with tons of wards, tons of cases, they see the wards maybe once or twice a year — or never.  They bill for services never received and they drain estates.  We were all told in court there was no option to settle because the court had no option besides the OPG.  In a country of this size, a state of this size, a county of this size–no other option than to isolate, bad this woman from her church, family and friends, and never let her go outside ever again.  Please.  If there really is no option, then something is seriously wrong.  We need to take the profit motive out of guardianships and make them pro bono, that’s all.

Not so with the Illinois OPG. They don’t want complaints. They do not want to be sued for abuse.  So they artifically limit hours.

I sent an email to the OPG protesting this illegal policy, without response.

I hope you all will leave your comments and requests to post.

This abuse has to stop.  Family members have a right to see their loved ones during visiting hours the nursing home sets–not the State of Illinois.

If Janie were broke, no one would care. But she has money. So the OPG issues this policy.

But the real question is, do we need this type of government intrusion into our families?  To keep us from our loved ones as often and frequent as possible, until they lose all hope, become despondent and die.

I am sorely disappointed.



From Ken Ditkowsky, more questions about when the public will in fact be protected

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 2, 2014 8:24 PM
To: “Steve@
Subject: Re: Elder Cleansing

 Thank you for your kind wishes.   This matter is far from over.   It is my belief that Mr. Larkin and the IARDC have violated Federal Law in attempting to prevent me from communicating the elder cleansing that we are all witnessing and in protection Solo from prosecution.   It is indeed a sorry state when her antics are given the protection of a State agency (IARDC) and the agency’s duty to protect the public is ignored.   Between your case and the Gore case it is pretty obvious that some heinous mischief has occurred.
When I was a student at the University of Chicago it was pointed out to us that the founders of America as a State did not rule out revolution as an option to oppression by their new government.   No I am not advocating self help or violence – I am just remarking that America is a country that protects its core values and will not tolerate a few people who are corrupt preying on the rest of us.   We do not recognize political elitism, or royalty.    Our credo is that we insist upon government in which every individual is treated equally by the law.   No one obtains special privilege.
In Illinois with the aid of Mr. Larkin and the IARDC as well as a few corrupt judges and other political animals we seem to have lost our moral compass.   This is reflected by the fact that our last two governors went to Jail.
How do we address the corruption in places like Illinois.   The power of the pen is the best weapon as by writing to the media, Federal Authorities, and elected representatives we raise awareness to the terrible situation that citizens face when the miscreants have the influence the corrupt Illinois officials possess.   Larkin and his crew can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of time (I think that is quote from Lincoln).
Your case is compelling as the wrong committed by Solo is so obvious.   It is probably the first time in the history of civilized society that a citation to recover assets was applied to promissory notes not in writing!    Exactly how any court in a civilized society can, without holding its nose, not go screaming to the law enforcement people concerning the corruption that has been manifest is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.
As I have been suspended for four years (I wonder why they did not make it four hundred) for complaining about the Probate Court corruption that everyone not blind, deaf, and dumb is aware of — another attorney will need to be standing up for you in my stead.
As the actions in the Schwartz estate committed by Miriam Solo and her 18 USCA 371 friends are felonies, I have copied Mr. Eric Holder the Attorney General of the United States pursuant to 18 USCA 4.    As attorneys are involved – Mr. Jerome Larkin (in acting as part of the ‘cover up’ and Ms. Miriam Solo a principal actor – I have also copied the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.
Steve – I do not expect that the IARDC will now take a look at the complaints that were filed against Ms. Solo.    I do however expect that at some time in the foreseeable future we will see Greylord 2 and by copying Mr. Larkin and other officials who have sworn duties to protect the public will feel the bite of not being able to claim that they did not know about the criminal behavior of *****.    18 USCA 371 has a bite!
Thank you again for your kind words.
Ken Ditkowsky