From Ken Ditkowsky–why don’t they investigate the Faskowicz murder?

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: Attorney General Pam Bondi <>; Governor Rick Scott <rick.scott@eog.myflorida.
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2016 11:33 AM
Subject: Our Illinois miscreants invaded Florida Re: Miriam Solo/aka Greenfield.
General Bondi, and Governor Scott,
We both have significant interests in bringing the elder cleansers to Justice.   My interest is due to the fact that I’ve watched the earth go around the Sun many many times and am probably older than many of the victims of the predatory guardianship for profit.   Florida has an interest due to the fact that it has so many elderly residents and it appears a major scandal in South Florida brewing.    Here in Illinois it has been recently disclosed to me that to enhance the population of sheltered care facilities such as nursing homes and hospice facilities on enterprising nursing home operator has allegedly sent gangs of toughs into areas where the homeless congregate.    The gangs make the victims emergency room ready, and have them transferred to co-operating ‘hospitals!’    
As many of the victims are drugged or otherwise rehabilitated the Office of the Public Guardian (Illinois) is appointed guardian and it places the victims into specific nursing homes.   Once in the nursing homes, with the use of drugs the human flotsam is reportedly warehoused until death or near death.   Thereafter hospice kicks in and continues until no more money can be obtained.
My further investigation has indicated that many of the same gang of miscreants who have committed the elder cleansings of Alice Gore, Mary Sykes et al were past employees of the Public Guardian’s office and learned their infamy in that State office.     
Today on Probate Sharks the following post was found, to wit:

hursday, March 10, 2016

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Editor’s note: Obviously, the State of Florida is mandated to perform “due diligence” in locating heirs especially when their appellant court found a conflict and withheld half of Irving’s substantial estate. Why wasn’t this legal action taken? Why didn’t Florida  take criminal action? At least one of Irving’s brothers was a WWII  veteran and tracing him would not be too difficult. Barzilia…so…so many questions…unanswered.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,
Editor’s note: If one reads the obit of Marjorie G. Ivy’s sister, one realizes that there is a huge extended Ivy Family residing in Indiana. From the many swirls in the Shark Pool, we know that lots of Ivy’s are presently reading this blog. 
If, in essence,  Mordy’s siblings owe Mordy a large sum of money, it is apparent that there are laws governing victim’s and victim’s families’ rights to be monetarily reimbursed. Mordy may be a solvent individual.  Your ProbateShark suggests that the Ivys or the Ivy’s attorneys  contact the Illinois States’ Attorneys office to explore these possibilities.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,
Barzilai, Why didn’t Miriam Solo and her siblings advise the Florida Probate Court that they had a brother, Mordecai Faskowitz?
Barzilai, Why didn’t Miriam  stop at Zach Fardon’s office and confess while she was at the Federal Building Tuesday? Hundreds of viewers are watching and wondering.  LV
P.S. Your ProbateShark was just informed that Miriam was ordered to be in Federal Court Thursday A.M….so she could easily run upstairs to Zach’s office and cleanse her soul…
What boggles this fish brain is that even though we know the “authorities” read this blog and it is self evident that Miriam excluded her disabled brother, Mordecai Faskowitz from his inheritance, nothing is being done to punish her. Why? Why is she being protected? Could it be that Miriam has connections to high offices? Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Barzilai’s clipping.

Barzilai, Has Miriam confessed and repented?
Assault victim fears elderly woman’s murder could have been prevented   You write  
“To the best of Your ProbateShark’s knowledge the real decedents of Irving, his two brothers, David and Harry or their decendents were never advised using due diligence by the State of Florida as being true heirs to Irving’s Estate. In essence, total strangers with the same last name recovered the life achievements of Irving Fisk Faskowitz and the fifth unrelated sibling, Mordechai Faskowitz was excluded.”  
So what is it, exactly, that bothers you? That they are thieves, or that they didn’t share their ill gotten gains with their disabled brother?  
Are David and Harry decedents of Irving? I’m not sure what that means. Decedent means “one who is dead.” Are they the dead ones of Irving? Or maybe you mean descendants. But are brothers descendants? I thought children or legal wards were desecendants?  
Oh, my mistake. I thought you were a serious and rational independent investigator, but now I realize that you’re just letting off steam for a perceived injustice. It’s an emotional thing, and nothing has to really make sense. Sorry to bother you.  
Dear Barzilai,
Thank you so much for your most helpful comments on the blog. We appreciate all constructive comments to the blog. This Shark apologizes for errors as his fish brain is limited. This Shark has corrected 2 incorrect words in the posting i.e. decedents changed to descendants and Harry Faskowitz to Samuel Faskowitz. Your ProbateShark checked the genealogy that commissioned after witnessing the incongruities of the genealogy prepared by the Faskowitz-Solo Clan for the court in Sebring, Florida. This genealogy along with the complete Irving Fisk Faskowitz file is being limited to law enforcement personnel only.
Barzilai, what bothers this Shark is that one of the Faskowitz siblings is the same person who defrauded Alice R. Gore, a 99 year old disabled ward of the Probate Court of Cook County, removed her gold teeth, her fortune, her liberty and placed an unnecessary gastric tube into her stomach thus depriving her of one of her favorite senses, her taste of food. Yes, if these are the acts of thieves and people who would rob their own brother of any gains…legal or ill begotten…if the shoe fits…so be it.  
Your ProbateShark has big shoulders and accepts your criticism as he is a fish and not a professional investigator. As a sister and legal guardian of Mordy much more would be expected, but alas this was not forthcoming and the results to Marjorie Gayle Ivy were horrendous, deadly, and fatal.   
Barzilai, I have not corrected your errors in the word descendants in your original comment which you misspelled.
From the Shark Pool, Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,   Posted by Probate Shark  at  12:36 PM    
The same Illinois attorney who is reported to have been intimately involved in the alleged kidnapping of homeless people in Chicago also appears to be similarly involved in the Faskovitz case.    The Florida AG filed documents in Court suggesting that this attorney and her cohorts were engaged in a fraud; however, it appears that that a settlement was reached.   Probate Sharks in its blog has a good deal to say about the situation!    Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 and Rule 8.3 I forward this information to you for your edification and investigation.
It should be noted that here in Illinois pursuant to the Administration of Jerome Larkin the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) ignores the serious charges and prosecutes disciplinary proceedings against lawyers who publish requests for HONEST INVESTIGATIONS. 

Thank you for your courtesy.

From Ken Ditkowsky, more questions about when the public will in fact be protected

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 2, 2014 8:24 PM
To: “Steve@
Subject: Re: Elder Cleansing

 Thank you for your kind wishes.   This matter is far from over.   It is my belief that Mr. Larkin and the IARDC have violated Federal Law in attempting to prevent me from communicating the elder cleansing that we are all witnessing and in protection Solo from prosecution.   It is indeed a sorry state when her antics are given the protection of a State agency (IARDC) and the agency’s duty to protect the public is ignored.   Between your case and the Gore case it is pretty obvious that some heinous mischief has occurred.
When I was a student at the University of Chicago it was pointed out to us that the founders of America as a State did not rule out revolution as an option to oppression by their new government.   No I am not advocating self help or violence – I am just remarking that America is a country that protects its core values and will not tolerate a few people who are corrupt preying on the rest of us.   We do not recognize political elitism, or royalty.    Our credo is that we insist upon government in which every individual is treated equally by the law.   No one obtains special privilege.
In Illinois with the aid of Mr. Larkin and the IARDC as well as a few corrupt judges and other political animals we seem to have lost our moral compass.   This is reflected by the fact that our last two governors went to Jail.
How do we address the corruption in places like Illinois.   The power of the pen is the best weapon as by writing to the media, Federal Authorities, and elected representatives we raise awareness to the terrible situation that citizens face when the miscreants have the influence the corrupt Illinois officials possess.   Larkin and his crew can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of time (I think that is quote from Lincoln).
Your case is compelling as the wrong committed by Solo is so obvious.   It is probably the first time in the history of civilized society that a citation to recover assets was applied to promissory notes not in writing!    Exactly how any court in a civilized society can, without holding its nose, not go screaming to the law enforcement people concerning the corruption that has been manifest is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.
As I have been suspended for four years (I wonder why they did not make it four hundred) for complaining about the Probate Court corruption that everyone not blind, deaf, and dumb is aware of — another attorney will need to be standing up for you in my stead.
As the actions in the Schwartz estate committed by Miriam Solo and her 18 USCA 371 friends are felonies, I have copied Mr. Eric Holder the Attorney General of the United States pursuant to 18 USCA 4.    As attorneys are involved – Mr. Jerome Larkin (in acting as part of the ‘cover up’ and Ms. Miriam Solo a principal actor – I have also copied the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.
Steve – I do not expect that the IARDC will now take a look at the complaints that were filed against Ms. Solo.    I do however expect that at some time in the foreseeable future we will see Greylord 2 and by copying Mr. Larkin and other officials who have sworn duties to protect the public will feel the bite of not being able to claim that they did not know about the criminal behavior of *****.    18 USCA 371 has a bite!
Thank you again for your kind words.
Ken Ditkowsky