Another retaliation letter from the ARDC to Kenneth Ditkowsky

Dear Readers;

What Ken and I and Mr. Amu have done is clearly whistleblowing, with a plethora of evidence, facts, affidavits and pleadings in our favor–overwhelmingly so.  We send them to the FBI, the states attorneys, and of course, the ARDC who conveniently ignore them.  Wait, that’s not entirely correct, what the ARDC does if you confront them with evidence of a serious felon perpretrated by a favored attorney or a judge, is they provide you or your client with a nonsensical answer–as in Sykes where Ms. Guzmann said that Adam Stern was Gloria’s guardian ad litem (a veiled threat to guardianize her, but that won’t happen, they made Gloria broke and penniless), and more recently Bev Cooper was told it looked like a “civil dispute” when her mother was isolated from 20 friends and family for 6 months before she died, 29 gold teeth were pulled, and she was dehydrated and starved to death and $1.5 million fell off that inventory.  In the case of Janie Thomas, were a loving, long term sister POA was removed by miscreants who “pretended” not to understand accountings done on Microsoft Money and took away her POA because a body attachment issued (Janie was in the nursing home at the time, so she could not attend church and none of the other court appointed attorneys did ANYTHING until I stepped in, but they blamed the POA, a loving sister regardless), now the family is isolated from her with an 8 to 3 Mon to Fri visiting order when before the family spent hours with her and a beloved neice and nephew are distraught they cannot take Janie to her favorite church, restaurant–or most likely ever see the light of day again.  I will file a complaint, but watch the reaction, it will be nonsensical.  The ARDC is currently pretending in the Owens/Thomas case that the POA does not exist.

Where cronyism is involved, favoritism, handing off business is concerned, the ARDC will just put any sort of words together and issue a letter in response, completely ignoring the problem and doing their job to properly investigate.  So if you get a response to your grievance against an attorney that makes no sense (Sykes, Gore, Owens-Thomas), you know you’re picking a scab and there’s something festering underneath.  If you do find yourself in this position, don’t give up hope, you have the email to the US Dept of Justice, you have the emails to State’s attorneys, etc. and keep on investigating yourself and turning over the information.  Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.  Just keep on going.  If the ARDC is sputtering nonsense, you know you’re on to something valuable.

Mr. Zimmerman, I understand was appointed by the SCOI to investigate the attorneys at the IARDC.  I recently learned he was appointed there by Gov. B, who is now in club fed med, and far as I can see, Mr. Z has no experience on how to do this, nor is he in fact doing anything about corruption and cronyism in the Illinois legal profession which is being hotly complained about by many.

This is nothing but First Amendment violations by Mr. Larkin, and unlike the Federal District Court, the violations are direct in that he files false charges against each of us claiming what we say is untrue when in fact the evidence is and has been published for all to see.

The filing of “other charge” against Mr. Ditkowsky for sending a letter to Dr. Patel and asking him for any information he might have that would help an investigation of Mary — for when he would appear, appearance form enclosed, are clearly retaliation charges.  The charges of misleading Dr. Patel are retaliation when they are facially deceptive.

The ARDC still does not publish a link to the letter, as does this blog.  They want to hide an obfuscate — using funds they collect which are entrusted to the public.

All of this qualifies for a qui tam action because Ken and I continually contact the authorities about the continuing string of felonies.

Accordingly, Mr. Ditkowsky offers the below safe harbor letter to Mr. Larkin.  Simply come clean and do what is right, and we will forego filing yet another law suit to clean up our precious courts so that we can take our clients there and expect the playing field to be level and the decisions well reasoned, just and fair.

I publish all the evidence to the public.  The ARDC does not.  They need to go to efiling on their cases and I will ask the SCOI to implement that.  The public needs to see every pleading, every motion to strike, the now apparent move to prevent even traditional motions of 2-615 and 2-619 for failure to state a claim, dismissal on other grounds.  They also strike all affirmative defenses.  In addition, they refuse Summary Judgment Motions–all of which is a waste of the funds they are entrusted with.  They quash subpoenas left and right.  Poor Mr. Amu not only could not file any of these traditional motions, but with no witnesses against him, his tribunal still found in favor of the ARDC.  How does this happen?  What sense of justice is that other than rubber stamp?  You have to have witnesses against any defendant or the case has to be dismissed.

Apparently not at the ARDC.

What Mr. Amu did was entirely proper.  The judges he complained of:  Chiola, Egan, etc. are notorious and 2 of the 3 reversed their decisions regardless based upon Mr. Amu hammering them for justice for his poor immigrant clients.

Of course, this would never happen at a large law firm that has political connections and jobs galore.  Don’t step on those toes.

But what it means is the sameole, sameole for the little guy out there.  The person of color, the immigrant, the person with an accent–their chances of seeing justice are greatly diminished and that’s not right or fair.  Lady Justice is blind, remember?


From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: JoAnne M. Denison <>; Probate Sharks <>; Harry Heckert <>; J. Ditkowsky <>; Nasga Us <>; Tim NASGA <>; Eric Holder <>; Matt Senator Kirk <>; Janet Phelan <>; Chicago FBI <>; Chicago Tribune <>; FBI- ( ( <>; SUNTIMES <>; BILL DITKOWSKY <>; Ginny Johnson <>; Cook County States Attorney <>; Illinois ARDC <>; ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT) <>; Y. ACLU <>; Foxnews_7D7B711AF105DCA690AB56169C0FF242 ( <>; GLORIA Jean SYKES <>; Bev Cooper <>; Edward Carter <>; Diane Nash <>; ISBA Main Discussion Group <>; Chicagotonight ( <>; Fiduciary Watch <>; Human Rights Watch <>; tips <>; Barbara Stone <>; Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC <>; The Wall Street Journal <>; Jim ( <>; Candice Schwager <>
Sent: Sat, Sep 13, 2014 4:00 pm
Subject: Re: $1000 of nonsense and corruption

JoAnne – thank you for forwarding the retaliation letter.   [he refers to

I expected that the nadir of the legal profession would reach into its bag of tricks to retaliate for my continued exercise of my First Amendment Rights and privileges.   Illinois’ corruption apparently has no limits whatsoever and all of the miscreants are in lockstep.    

This should demonstrate to the ‘world’ the level of corruption in the legal system of the State of Illinois.    A lawyer who steals hundreds of thousands of dollars from a client is either given a pass or a slap on the wrist, however, the lawyer who reports the crime is deemed to be liar and given a four year suspension – and fined!   The amount of the fine – costs of $1000.00 is also interesting.   N.B.  The petition for cert was filed on or about June 6, 2014 in the United States Supreme Court.   On September 11, 2014 Larkin got the Illinois Supreme Court to fine me a $1000.00.  The terrorists are reported to like to assault America on the anniversary of a prior assault – ergo – The Supreme Court of Illinois joins in the assault on the First Amendment not on September 10, 2014, but on the anniversary of a day that will live in infamy in America!

Very appropriate!
Pursuant to 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 4 I have forwarded this information to the United States Department of Justice.  May it is time for reform to come to Illinois even if it is not ready for it!   Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities act and my oath as an attorney I will continue to protest the discrimination and the elder cleansing that so many senior citizens and disabled people are suffering.   I also continue to demand law enforcement to instanter do an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation.    Please join with me in this demand!!!

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