ABC news action team-billing for guardianship thousands of dollars after the ward dies

ABC Action News I-Team: Guardian and Attorney Bill Thousands for Years After Ward Dies

excellent video at:

What is the first saying on this video?  “target, medicate, isolate, drain and eliminate”.  how is it that everyone knows the credo but the Illinois Atty Registration and Disciplinary Commission who targets myself and Mr. Ditkowsky for repeating the credo of criminal attorneys and judges (Sykes, Gore, Bedin, Wyman, Drabik, Richards, Frake, etc.)but the IARDC consistently denies any knowledge or responsibility.  Instead, it wants to shut down this blog and distance itself from conducting honest, thorough and complete investigations of the criminal elements defrauding the public, and worst of all, the senior citizens and disabled persons that are targets of these criminals.

When Florida says it is clamping down on bilking estates for tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars of court appointed guardians and attorneys, you know the house of cards just got in the way of a huge fan of truth, honesty and justice.

Mr. Larkin, you cannot hide, for Ms. Justice will hunt you down and take you to task. She is a b****.

I am in the process of filing my response to the ARDC’s Petition to Suspend me immediately.  If lawyers cannot step into probate and protect seniors and disableds from the “target, medicate, drain and eliminate” scheme which is now on national ABC news in Florida, then who will?

Is this what we want for our government, for our lawyers, for our judges.

The news says one thing, and the ARDC says another.  Now it is up to the Illinois Supreme Court and my question is, will the Illinois Supreme court give carte blanche to the cottage industry flourishing on the 18th floor in probate to “target, isolate, medicate, drain and eliminate”–a phrase now seen in mainstream media.

I, as far as I know, am the only pro bono or low cost lawyer on the 18th floor. We need a cadre of lawyers to fight all of this. I find it amazing that so many lawyers and judges think this system is okay, when many are elderly, and can face the same issues in just a few years.  On the east coast, we have a powerful lawyer and former judge whose $9 million estate is being drained by over a million a year in fees, his one daughter is a lawyer and one day a bank lawyer stepped in and wrested guardianship away from her and two daughters and 4 grandchildren were immediately isolated so the new attorneys (bank and former partner) could drain that estate by one million per year.

Who is letting this go one?  One person is Jerome Larkin.  Two state agencies are the Ill. Atty. Regn. and Disc. Comm. and the Office of Public Guardian.

Now we are seeing the credo in mainstream media.  We are now seeing, for the first time, actual cases in mainstream media.  The public is now interested.

It is not too late for Larkin and his state agency to reverse this tide.  Mr. Larkin, please go after the attorneys and judges that target, medicate, isolate, medicate and eliminate.  Please forgive Ditkowsky and myself for being the bearer of this news.  I know you were shocked. I was too.  I couldn’t believe in all my years as a lawyer this was going on right under my nose.  Honest attorneys were too terrified to speak out.  They were threatened (as were Ken Ditkowsky and myself) if they reported these crimes (quashing subpoenas for missing $1 million in Sykes, quashing discovery in Gore, Drabik, Richards, etc.) that their law licenses were in jeapordy (Judge Connors for myself, Atty Stern and Farenga for Ken Ditkowsky).  The threats were real.  But it is not too late to stop the nonsense and investigate–what Cynthia Farenga in a letter specifically asked you NOT to do in the Sykes case. Come on now, you see where the media is going).

Ken and I will not stop speaking out for those that cannot do so. And we are NOT heroes.  WE, unlike other attorneys are simply doing our jobs.  So what if other attys don’t do their jobs. Ken, Mr. Amu and myself, we do our jobs. We need no thanks for doing what we ought to do, what we were trained to do by 3 years of law school and the bar review and exam.

We are not special as lawyers, we are not extraordinary, we are doing what we were trained to do and then we took an oath to uphold the laws and the constitution of Illinois and of the United States.

This is not difficult.  This does not take a super power to do.  It only takes ordinary dedication, courage and belief in what this country was founded to be.


Posted: 23 Mar 2015 06:29 PM PDT

She’s been dead for over two years, but her state-appointed professional guardian has been billing her for thousands the entire time.
This is just the latest in a long line of disturbing issues surrounding Florida’s guardianship program.

Lynn and Alan Sayler were in Tallahassee last week, testifying  before a legislative committee calling for more reforms of the state guardianship program.

From Joanne:
The same was done to Alice Gore in Chicago area. Billed for years, thousands of dollars by the attorneys after the disabled senior is dead. The attorneys should return the money.  ABC news in Chicago should investigate.

5 thoughts on “ABC news action team-billing for guardianship thousands of dollars after the ward dies

  1. Target corrupt attorneys, medicate corrupt GALs, isolate corrupt judges, drain that corrupt infection on the 18th floor and eliminate the corrupt IARDC! That’s my recommended prescription for health for the elderly.

    • You got it. Just a bunch of state agencies and their cronies out of control.
      I always tell people when they are suffering, imagine simply guardianizing the probate attorneys, then implanting a feeding tube laced with drugs at one end, a diaper at the other and a bed alarm so they will never see the light of day again.
      There are more than a few beds at nursing homes waiting for these miscreants.
      Others want to jail them. I think it does no good. They need the feeding tube/forced sedation/diaper treatment to be karmically effective!
      Exactly my sentiments.

  2. Fierle, is a ‘HOT POTATOE’ In Florida , Getting hotter. The Grab system in Seminole County gave her all the assets of the elderly Mieczynsky. Now, the elderly couple, have to start over trying to provide shelter for themselves.. Fierle, laughs all the way to the BANK, with the rotten lawyers..

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