From Ken Ditkowsky — what is the difference between Student Farkhunda and the ARDC..apparently not much

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Subject: IT IS AMAZING –

I was thumbing through the Sun-times and I ran across the following article, to wit:

Deadly blasphemy laws must be abolished

Posted: 03/26/2015, 02:37pm | Junaid M. Afeef
An Afghan university student on Thursday holds a poster to protest at the site where a mob beat to death a 27-year-old woman, Farkhunda, in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Blasphemy laws and equally repugnant apostasy laws, according to the Pew Research Center, are often but not exclusively found in Muslim majority countries.  These laws criminalize things like conversion from Islam, saying anything offensive about Islam, destroying or defacing the Quran, and drawing pictures of Prophet Muhammad.
In other words, these laws criminalize rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These laws must be abolished, and Muslim scholars must articulate a clear and unequivocal explanation that blasphemy and apostasy are matters best left between individuals and God.  Until that happens, more innocent people, like Farkhunda in Afghanistan, will be killed.
Last week, a mob of men stoned, beat, kicked and set on fire Farkhunda, a 27-year-old Afghan woman, after it was alleged that she burned the Quran.  This heinous murder happened in broad daylight, with throngs of onlookers, some of whom photographed the brutality. In the wake of the murder, the head of Afghanistan’s criminal investigation unit remarked that he was unable to find “one iota of evidence” that Farkhunda burned the Quran. That issue should be irrelevant. It’s a travesty that he needed to spend one iota of his time looking for such evidence; whether or not she burnt the Quran is irrelevant. This attack was unjustified and her attackers and killers must be brought to justice.

The people who took part in this young woman’s murder are vile, but until the archaic blasphemy and apostasy laws are stricken, and until the notion that in Islam blasphemy and apostasy are punishable by death is openly and clearly refuted, this will happen again. These laws are not the sole reason for these atrocities, but they play a significant role, and as such, abolishing them is merited.

Farkhunda’s killers may have thought they were defending Islam, but in reality, they are the ones desecrating it.  ….but the message and values the Quran conveys — that all human life is sacred, that charity and justice are paramount, that humans beings have free will, and that there is no compulsion in matters of faith — endure. If there is a blasphemy taking place, it is being perpetrated by those who kill innocent people in the name of religion.
Blasphemy and apostasy laws must be repealed.  …
Junaid M. Afeef is the Chicago-based founder of Common Good Advocates and a Political Partner at Truman National Security Project.  His views are his own.
The concept of political correctness is an assault on Free Speech and so many really good people get all excited when they hear a particular sound.   Of course at the extreme we have censorship.   Bureaucrats who are overpaid and under-educated except as to the use of ‘clout’ seek to prevent citizens (including lawyers) being critical of their favorite miscreants.   

Need an example – Mr. Amu found that he was in a wired case.   He complained.   He did not take it on the chin like a good sport – as a newly minted citizen he believed all the stuff they teach about the constitution.   (The judge did not even bother to deny the allegation).  However, on the scene comes our hero Jerome Larkin.   The idea of a man whose skin was not lily white being critical of a protected jurist was an abhorent!    Without a complaining witness or a denial from the judge Larkin ran to the Supreme Court of Illinois to get Mr. Amu’s license suspended.    This is Illinois!   The license was suspended and remains suspended – 

Need another example.   Ms. Denison is one of those computer people.   She has a ‘blog!’   On her blog she reported the Assault on the First Amendment. my cry for an Honest investigation, etc.    Our hero, Jerome Larkin, is out there again upholding the principles of the former Soviet Union, North Korea, the National Socialists, the Communists, religious fanaticists and his other heros – he is seeking a three year suspension for Ms. Denison.  

Of course – I used some forbidden words! One of them was the word Honest – I, and others, begged the ARDC to conduct an Honest and Thorough investigation and instead I got a four year suspension.

We do not have to worry about anyone else but us!   Jerome Larkin and his gang run a state agency and are paid with public entrusted funds!   Their cronies – i.e. the people that they act in concert with and aid and abet are even more privileged.   We feed them the elderly and the disabled!   Find an elderly person with a few dollars who is not at the top of his/her game and the parasites can quickly strip a million dollars in a matter of days.   Best of all – they have corrupt jurists OK the theft and escape taxes.   In the Sykes case a 3/4 million dollar property was sold with a court order for a little over 200,000.00 dollars!   A million dollars in gold coins disappeared.   NOT ONE DIME OF FEDERAL INCOME TAXES was reported.   The State of Illinois is bankrupt!   The Illinois Department of Revenue is not hurrying to collect any taxes!

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