And they must be getting very afraid of what they do to families…..

So today in court I had another rarified peek at what is really going on on the 18th floor to ensure that the OPG gets every juicy case it can muster.  Eminent domain, move over.

The war was escalated.  They gave my client 2 weeks for discovery, 10 days to file witness lists (how can you list your witnesses when you have a 14 day discovery period???), another attorney never gave my client the order, she missed the deadline, the court today banned all of her witnesses and her expert witnesses (they were so ruthless they banned her rebuttal witnesses, imagine that), the court is running well past the 120 day deadline for a temp guardianship…..blah blah blah.  The judge said she would not entertain a 183 motion for an extension of time during the last 3 court appearances.

So what did they do?  they sealed the hearing and all transcripts!

you can’t make this stuff up!!!

so, by copy of this email, if the XXX is interested these kindly breaches of Illinois law have been brought to the citizens of the State of Illinois courtesy of Judge X who engages in flagrant violations of everyone’s rights.  I don’t think Judge X is even pretending any more that she is running a court room and Illinois Law applies to her.

At first the senior objected to the guardianship, she didn’t want the OPG, she wanted my client as her guardian-for months she said that.  But wait you can now throw that out the window.  Suddenly, the GAL goes there last week and suddenly grandma objects to nothing about the guardianship and the OPG is okay and she does not want a jury trial…blah, blah, blah.

Of course, the whole family is now banned from seeing grandma again.

But it’s okay, because she has 2 new 24/7 caretakes to be her new family instead.  According to the GAL she loves them and their cooking and is perfectly happy.

Dr. Shaw said she was severely demented.  Go figure.

But my client is holding up.  She sees it for what it is. She had her accounting (which is never good enough) and her receipts and everyone ignored those.

So now I have to fight a gag order, an appeal, etc. you name it, I have to fight it.

The best part is they banned all my clients exhibits and witnesses.  I am having them all do offers of proof and since those are banned (they never even got into evidence) I’ll publish that on the blog!

The guardianship itself is a run of the mill event, so why is there even a gag order?  All I can say is they must be getting very afraid to do what they are doing.

I think atty Nejla Lane, being a probate gag order victim herself, has all the motions and constitutional law, so I don’t have to repeat those.

This is a whole new level of scary for you all on the 18th floor.  For me, I am not surprised and I see where the fight for justice has been heading for some time now.  Since justice is not being done, gag orders will become the soup de jour.


PS–what is the fight over?  A juicy piece of property in Wrigleyville.  Seniors for cash is what it is.


3 thoughts on “And they must be getting very afraid of what they do to families…..

  1. Hitler, would create ‘Blind Spots ‘ when he talk to his solders, He told them that HE would take the responsibility for all the terrible things THEY were doing to the victims… Sound familiar!!!!

    • Thanks, I had not heard of that. But with attorneys, they know that does not work. If you engage in illegal activities, you take joint and several liability, even for the tax consequences.
      Why they do these horrible things, I have no idea.

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