And while Illinois is protecting animals better (great idea) how about grandma and grandpa?

And now while the State of Illinois state’s attorney offices has decided to protect Fluffy and Fido and that’s a great idea, no dog or cat or kitten or puppy should ever be left out in extreme heat or cold all day (unless it’s a breed that does well, for example huskies do well and enjoy extreme cold and like to have plenty of play that is work for them, and Marie Coon Cats can do well in extreme cold.  Likewise short haired chihuahua’s and hairless or Sphynx cats do well 90 degrees or above with water.

But grandma and grandpa have no protection from predators.  Mary Sykes is in a place she never intended and when Ken Ditkowsky brought up the fact that he was advised during estate planning Mary had $1million in valuable collectible coins, the ARDC and courtroom 1804 and the attorneys appointed there worked strenuously to quash repeated subpoenas.

The ARDC refused to use its subpoena powers during my trial and Ken’s trial to find the coins.  In addition, they moved during my trial to quash subpoenas to the bank.

The ARDC is supposed to be a truth and fact finder of highest integrity and ethics, and yet they repeatedly move to quash crucial evidence in an underlying case?

So, I am glad that cats and dogs can now go straight to the states attorneys to protect them from freezing, cold and starvation. That is indeed a good thing.  they cannot speak for themselves.

But what about grandma and grandpa under the current regime of target, isolate, medicate, eliminate?

Watch this woman talk about going to her parents to try to visit, the police are called and there is no protective order against the visit, she tries to film what the guardians and attorneys are doing to her parents, the police falsely arrest her (this is Florida now, they ask her for her expensive video camera (they are not supposed to do this), she says no (better technique, ask  if you will be arrested for failure to do so, if the answer is yes, offer to delete the footage and then delete something else–it’s all illegal), and then document what happened.

These case are so tied in, they are tied in with the police also.  Note this is what happened to me in the Sykes case–asked to delete important footage taken of Mary indicating her higher cognitive thinking.

It is my understanding more footage will be coming.  I will most likely post a page after I have seen it all.


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