From Glenda Martinez, she begs us to just say no to psychotropic drugging of our elders

Dear Glenda;

Thanks so much for writing the wonderful letter below and sharing it with our readers.  We pray that you and Alan win on appeal and he will come home and away from his abusers.


March 4, 2015

Kathryn McCarten,
Director nurses, Life Care nursing home
Dear Kathryn,

Re: Col J. Alan Smith
As the supervisor for nurses at the Life Care nursing home,  I am sure you have knowledge of the harm that drugging frail and elder patients can provoke severe and deleterious consequences. 

I am therefore sending you these 6 articles at bottom of page, about the harm of the drugging of patients with any kind of psychotropic drugs as it is obvious Col. Alan Smith is being drugged into a stupor with.

 I understand, Alan Smith, for months now, cannot many times respond to voice nor touch due to his being under these drugs.  As you can see by reading some of these articles, this drugging harms the brain, heart, kidneys and other vital organs and will lead to sudden death!

And to further the abusive mandates of the ignorant predatory guardian, Col. Alan Smith has also been inflicted with an unnecessary harmful operation to implant a feeding tube into his stomach, something that is painful, extremely dangerous and has been frowned upon by the general medical community, as an antiquated procedure that can cause grave consequences, infections, and provokes an earlier death in elders.

To top the viciousness of this deviant guardian, Col. Smith is also viciously being kept isolated from family members and friends, from Church Pastors, and even on his birthday and the Holidays, Alan Smith was not allowed visitors to see him nor bring him birthday gifts nor wish him a happy birthday and Holidays. 

No one was allowed to see nor to bring Alan some consolation in this involuntary, harmful, virtual imprisonment and isolation in a nursing home in which all Alan’s direly needed physical, speech and cognitive therapies have not taken place for over a year now;  Col. Smith’s appropriate medical treatment has not taken place while he has been been neglectfully let to painfully languish on a bed leading him towards premature death.

As a professional, responsible and God fearing woman that I believe you are Kathryn, please make note of this communication and please duly pass it on to Dr. Galdames, Dr. Hammond and any other doctors, nurses, staff and the Business director, to be informed why this heavy drugging and harmful procedures need to be stopped immediately and prevent further damage and/or death if continuing.

As you can probably surmise, all this abuse under the supervision of this exploiter criminal guardian, is also taking a toll on me and my prior good health is beginning to suffer greatly.

Please see how Col. Smith can be helped through all this, and our thanks in advance, and may God who sees all,  Bless you and other kind persons at Life Care nursing home.  

We plead not to let this neglect and abuse continue, please.  All my loved one Alan Smith and I want,  is for my husband Alan to return to our happy and healthy life in our home, with all needed affection, emotional and physical care needs carefully met,  under his personal doctor’s and my supervision, in our home.
Col smith has a right to be in the comfort of his own home and oto spend the rest of his life as he so declared on his Durable Power of attorney and his Health Care Surrogate, where he wanted me to make all and any decisions if he became unable to do so.

Col Smith bravely defended this nation in Vietnam and had a brilliant military career, is a decorated medal award winner and deserves the best for having exposed his life to defend this Nation and for all of us. WE CANNOT TURN OUR BACKS ON A MEDAL AWARD DECORATED VETERAN OF OUR NATION.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me or email me at your convenience, my cell is 786xxxx and my email is  Thank you.


Glenda Martinez-Smith
On Wednesday, March 4, 2015 10:13 AM, Alzheimer’s Reading Room <> wrote:

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