From Ken Ditkowsky–why is corruption in so rampant and out of control?

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Subject: All you want to know about corruption but were afraid to ask or ******(censored)
Date: Mar 19, 2015 12:29 PM
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The aggregate problems of fiscal solvency of government viewed in a non-political manner filtering out all the rhetoric designed to inflame passions, the problem boils down the fact of bipartisan corruption is surcharging the cost of government to the point that we all will shortly be in bankruptcy.    Corruption is rampant and rapidly going out of control.
The Wall Street Journal reports that health care fraud (including social security and elder cleansing losses) exceeds 100 billion dollars a year.      It has been estimated that in Illinois corruption costs each citizen $3008.00 per annum.       The war is being lost.    Today it reported that a crackdown by the Obama administration has recovered between 3 and 4 billion dollars of wrongful payments made last year.     
Government inefficiency, poor controls, and outright fraud are the root causes of the total problem.      If a government employee is unable to do his/her job they should be terminated.       The luxury of employing postal employees who cannot read the street signs, or clerks who cannot add and subtract, **** is something that we cannot afford.    Government employees who could care less concerning the operation of their departments and therefore do only pro-forma work also cannot be afforded.       Most certainly the “influenced” or venal employee must be ‘gone!’       Those are all givens; however, the fraud is much deeper.       The complex formulas and coding for payment are magnificent environments for deception to flourish.        By the clear light of hindsight who is capable of determining if a nursing home patient had to be transported in an ambulance at a massive cost, or on the handle bars of a bicycle at no cost?       Do you know if the doctor actually saw Alzheimer’s Patient x or just had the nurse put an entry on the chart concerning his visit?      Indeed, with thousands of seniors needing some type of treatment for various illnesses (real and imagined) the paperwork is massive.     It is a criminal field day!
The fraudulent payments are promulgated by some very sophisticated and well-connected individuals including many who over the years have become very rich through these endeavors.     Most of the health care crooks are well educated and have access to the best accounting and legal talent available.     Thus, prosecution is difficult and with billions of dollars to spend the miscreants now feel that they are well above the law.      In fact, as the elder cleansing cases roll in it appears that they are a law onto themselves.      For instance, here in Illinois it is no secret that the Office of Public Guardian works closely with for profit nursing homes, hospice facilities, and other health care facilities to help them obtain their fees.     It is no secret that many of the fees claimed are in many cases seriously inflated [1].     Studies have revealed as an example that it costs about $1000 – $1500 a month to warehouse a selected to be elder cleansed senior; however, the custodial and other costs in many cases exceed $15,000.00.     The selected elder cleansed senior’s meds are purchased from a captive pharmacy.    The doctor is a captive who examines the patient by slowing down his auto as he passes the nursing home.   The nurses are employed by a friendly employer (an Enron type corporation) who is paid a set fee.    The linen service, et al are similar Enron facilities.      Service to the patient is almost non-existent.   Physical therapy is usually taking the patient out of bed and into a wheel chair.   The only well run operation comes on voting day when every ‘zombie’ votes for the dominant political party candidate.
Families and friends of the elder care syndrome of exploitation have been complaining for years to the Justice Department, local law enforcement, and anyone who would listen concerning nursing homes, hospitals, and other health care facilities dedicated to the pursuit of the dollar.      For the most part because of the tie-in between the corrupt health care providers and the corrupt political and judicial elites the deaf ear approach has been standard.     The Helen Stone case in Florida and the Mary Sykes case in Illinois are examples of audacity that is exhibited.    In Stone the daughter is being prosecuted for interference and in Sykes without jurisdiction of due process the objecting daughter has literally been stripped of her assets.   Sykes also has to distinction of having co-conspirator Jerome Larkin surface to try to silence lawyers who objected to the fraud and breach of fiduciary relationship.
How does government protect itself from the corruption without tossing the baby out with the bath water?    The answer is not simple as the criminal element is entrenched.      The Seth Gilman case (Hospice kickbacks) is a landmark case and should be prosecuted with the same vigor as the OJ Simpson trial.    The Omnicare Frauds should be prosecuted criminally and also prosecuted openly.     The overcharging for drugs designed to be inappropriately administered and tie in Enron type corporations owned by the medical facility providers should be made public.   Everyone knows about the $25.00 aspirin tablet.     How about the $100 tablet used to make grandma a zombie!       The ‘cover up’ initiated by Jerome Larkin and his assaults on the First Amendment also has to be prosecuted openly and notoriously.    Larkin using the Illinois Disciplinary commission to Distort and cover=up garden variety theft by jurists, attorneys, and other judicial officials is the most venal of the bunch.     Lawyers see these criminal activities first hand and most lawyers have two attributes: 1) they are honest people who will diligently report crimes that they witness and work to eradicate not only the criminal activity but the root causes, and 2) they are easily intimidated by the threat of loss of their license to practice law.   Larkin is using his office to thwart the requirement of 18 USCA 4 which states:
§ 4. Misprision of felony

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

18 USCS § 4

Obviously not every crime can be prosecuted, however, the most prominent and politically powerful of the “health care providers” and a public official who is a lawyer, took an oath to protect the Constitution, administrates a lawyer disciplinary commission and who openly and notoriously supports and proactively acts in concern with persons who are abusing, isolating, and otherwise exploiting senior citizens, are people whose prosecution will act as a deterrent to all the potential miscreants.      The prosecution will result in giving pause to the rest of the miscreants [2] and may result in more immediate remediation by some of the most obnoxious of the criminals.
Jerome Larkin in particular has some ‘warts’ that will aid substantially in his prosecution.    One example, is his actions toward a lawyer who is American of African Dissent.       Larkin’s prosecution of Attorney L Amu is something that would make Klu Klux Klan and North Korea proud.     The racial discrimination exhibited by the Illinois Disciplinary Commission is a disgrace and a blot on the judicial system of Illinois that must be remediated.      Larkin’s assaults on the First Amendment are reprehensible and are his overt actions in promulgation of the elder cleansing conspiracy.

[1] It is also no secret that the cozy relationship between many of the public (including judicial officials) officials, the health care facilities, the ownership interests in health care facilities etc. are cozy.    Even the most outrageous actions of a favored miscreant is protected.    I of course refer to the harvesting of Alice Gore’s gold filings!    Jerome Larkin lackey wrote the family that there was no evidence of wrongdoing.     After WW2 Nazi brass were severely admonished for similar actions – execution was one of the admonishments.   
[2] It is should be noted that as most of the guardianship related frauds (which I refer to as elder cleansing) are garden variety conspiracies (18 USCA 371) and most of these frauds are breaches of fiduciary relationship taxable events have occurred.    Most of the these taxable events are not reported on the 1040 tax return and thus State and Local government loses out on large amounts of income tax, penalties and interest.     Larkin as an example by assisting the miscreants in the Gore case acted in concert with them and therefore he is liable to the USA and the State of Illinois jointly and severally with them for the taxes due.  (Only one collection is possible – but there is still a requirement of reporting the income.)

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