Dear Readers;

One of the more interesting tactics the ARDC has taken to, is to repeatedly send me their crappy papers decrying their lack of appreciation for this blog because it tells all that goes on in probate, it told the “secrets” of the Sykes case, that it had no jurisdiction, there was a safe deposit box drilled out by the Guardian, emptied and no one told the judge about that, that $1 million in valuable coins are missing per the records of the estate attorney (Ditkowsky), the judge refused discovery to opposing parties, the case was railroaded.

If there has been attorneys and judges acting badly in probate, you heard it here.  The public has a right to know and be warned, esp. if the court of appeals and Illinois Supreme Court do nothing, the ARDC does nothing and even covers up.

The ARDC was granted subpoena power to solve the missing coins of the Sykes case and instead it moved to quash Gloria’s and my subpoenas in a shameful move.

It railroaded Ken Ditkowsky’s case, shamefully twisting around his letter to Dr. Patel and making a mockery out of justice.

Well apparently opposing counsel Mr. Steve Splitt could not deal with the massive record on appeal, I have seen him in oral argument and he was quite fastidious in Ken’s appeal on getting the vast majority of facts correct and cited to the record.  So now apparently he is in a crunch.

So what is the status of my case?

Well apparently the ARDC has taken to serving me no less than 3 or 4 times, sometimes in person, once even at court in front of a client! (who knows all about their trickery and supports me in all I do, so to them it is proof of the false persecution by the ARDC) with a Petition for my Interrim (Immediate) suspension for running this blog not to their liking:

here is the current status:


And if you read thru the documents, here is the statement that proves according to Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart, Sharon Opryszek and now Steven Splitt I AM STILL THE MOST DANGEROUS BLOGGER IN ILLINOIS


Favorite statement (everyone likes this one)

It appearing…that a complaint has been voted against you by the Inquiry Board; that you have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct; that you have engaged in conduct involving fraud or moral turpitude or which threatens irreparable injury to the public, your clients or the orderly administration of justice…[we basically want to suspend you right away.  NOW.  Get the blankety blankety out].

Most of my clients can’t believe it at all, so I’m having them write up declarations for the Illinois Supreme Court.  Here are a few:


All of the comments are unsolicited.  I am still waiting for more affidavits and declarations to come back and then I will publish.

I currently have 30 + clients I have promised pro bono work that need it. Will the ARDC and Ill. Supreme Court help these people when I am gone.

I have plenty of patent work to do.  I could have just done that since Nov. of 2011 when I created this blog, just to be selfish, to look the other way.  But I stepped up and took my oath as an attorney and counselor seriously, so I had to help the disableds and their families who had no one to turn to.

So you can you.  Please sign my declaration and return it and I’m sure that one day I can help you too.


And if the ARDC suspends me and they get their way, I will promise to blog as much as I can, watch the proceedings in court and talk to the victims as much as I can without giving any legal advice.  One of the issues that the ARDC isn’t counting on is the fact once I am suspended then I can approach people in the hall ways and give them brochures and business cards and ask if they have complaints about the probate system and I will be glad to publicize their own stories.  I hope to collect a lot more stories about probate this way.

I will continue to support the disabled victims of probate and their families and try to find them other low cost or pro bono counsel, tho it’s very hard. There are 83,000+ attorneys in Illinois and few are interested in pro bono work and fewer still will go up against the probate cabal.

While there is a sore need for what I do, there is little chance of help coming to you many probate victims out there.

While the Illinois Supreme Court says it wants to help the little guy, make the courts more just, it appears to be little more than lip service with the fact that the ARDC does nothing, helps in the cleansings and cover ups, SCOI appoints Zimmerman to “investigate” the ARDC problems–an attorney known to do nothing, and the beat goes on.

I can do only what I am allowed to do.  I will continue to blog.  I will continue to pray and hold vigils for victims and their terrorized families.

As for me, I will be happily writing patents as a patent agent and probably working on some of my own patents to make more money.

What I currently do with this blog and in probate is exhausting work with little pay, so working on the blog and patents will be a relief for me, even though I know you all probate victims will suffer for it. I will continue to pray for you.



10 thoughts on “Just how dangerous is this blog? AM I STILL THE MOST DANGEROUS BLOGGER IN ILLINOIS? YES!

    • Great! And I signed up on your site and asked to send you my paperwork on this via fax or email? I have a lot of text messages from the two months as my evidence and hand wrote my complaint. I can take all the pages of text. But my complaint there decision and what the gal actually admits asked for an extension on writing his response and said he was in a bad place he found god it is actually almost funny

  1. I’m am in desperate need of someone who can help me. What to do if a G.A.L made sexual inappropriate texts to the mother of the boy he is there to protect the child. But last February papers come for the mom be motioned to the court date set what not and I had maybe 3 days to find a lawyer. I was a wreck I had finally felt safe I had tried to be with someone who is nice not what I endured for many years. He has a record of domestic violence and DCFS case he was guilty of according to the doctors at my sons hospital stay when he had pneumonia. My son sorry he was almost 2 years old and when I left for school and we was with the baby and his oxygen levels went down so they went in there to see why and he wasn’t giving my son his meds he said he needed sleep I was so scared not knowing what to believe ect but they did find him guilty of that which they ordered him to take parenting classes and all and I really wish it would’ve been more of the physical abuse then the others types everyday then maybe people would have seen more of him breaking me down. And not be so mean verbally just when I tell him he doesn’t spend time with me or the you care more about drinking than me you name it and more. My ex was also convicted of 3 or 4 dui’s and, he was accused of medical neglect and child endangerment but still got 5050 custody agreement I was intimidated to sign it on so many levels. If I said no to his advancement and give my baby to his dad. When I only have depression from all I’ve been through. I was labeled like a loose cannon I am around him so anyway, the ardc said that he will no longer act in the appropriate matter but will so no further because I wanted joint as me custodial so last two months he was getting nicer and then it went nice to sexual. He admits it all because I printed all the text. I was scared but how do I reopen the case but I am going back to court for a second time of falsely accused. I am just trying to get Justice not fair they would admit it inappropriate me who gave my mental health records to and know I was sexually abused domestic abuse ect. I feel lost and we go back to court and see if he really withdrawals but isn’t it up to the judge and I hope she hears me this time with my new lawyer. THE A.R.D.C manipulated what I wrote be first time my initial complaint. Well anyone out there know how to get through this I don’t have money in just trying to raise my son healthy. I am outraged that they would do no further even though it is inappropriate behavior well I thought that is was sexual misconduct and I can press charges on him. Please help!!!!! Anyone thanks

    • Keep on reporting him to the ARDC and write to the presiding judge of whatever court system you were in. Ask to have him banned from the court room and taken off the “secret list” the judges keep.
      Also report him to DCFS and the child abuse hotline.
      You can also try to find an attorney to file a civil suit against him for damages–the therapy, the trauma, etc.
      Please forward your complaint to the ARDC to me to publish, along with their (BS) reponse.
      I will pray for you and your son. I am a mom too and we have to keep our children safe and protected from predators.

      • One last thing my sons father had a record of all sorts one being guilty of child endangerment and medical neglect. The G.A.L says to me oh sometimes the DCFS over exaggerates things! So it was as if he was never looked at but me I give this man my mental health records proved them all I was and am a fit mother

      • Sounds to me like you’re not paying the GAL enough so he takes you seriously. Unfortunately, that’s often how these things go. Can you get a different GAL?

      • Because I gave up I had no more money I signed that stupid agreement but the Ardc thinks I wanted to sign it or because I did. Then they say because he waived my fees there should be nothing further I never ask did that when me and my mom in November called other attorneys for info of being so nieve I told that lawyer his name when he asked and I told him and of course two or thee days later I got a call from Charles rapid attorney in lake county call me back and told me that me gravel waived your fees he said in his response that he knew it was inappropriate and lied he even lied to the judge, he stated that I paid my balance and she thanked me and I didn’t know what to say. But then my exs lawyer said no your honor he waived her fees. I was so scared I don’t have a lot of money! I don’t get it you take an oath he was inappropriate that’s stated in ther investigation as well as the GAL who does those things. They are making me out to look like I agreed to the agreement he wrote up and said it would be 10,000 or more to fully investigate he was already trying to tell me or make me think he is siding with my ex I was scared I’ve never been arrested nothing I hope this works something. I have an attorney a new one because my ex tried again to take more time with my kid the gal is supposed to be there and I am hoping my lawyer or I say to the same judge what went on I couldn’t even tell her. Took a toll on me and I’m not going to give up I’m done being intimidated and manipulated and abuse. They use my mental health records but it doesn’t matter there is nothing in them and I proved that and I think when he saw my history of sexual abuse he took advantage of me and knew just how to make me feel like I am going to lose my baby that has been with me from day one! And living with an alcoholic domestic abuser isn’t easy so I get this just for having a bad relationship with his dad he isolated me you name it. When I finally moved on or tried that’s when he took me the first time and I met mr. Gravel sorry I have so much to say and it’s all just coming out I’m going to relax and slow down. I just want anyone out there to not let the system intimidate you! Ok I’ll stop for now

      • Oh I’m sorry I will I only have the typed letter response but I can copy it and send it to you. I just have to get the other papers and copy them you can really help me! Or just getting word out there

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