From a former Ala. State Supreme Court Judge–what happense when judges are for sale (campaign contributions)

In this particular article, this judge explains how impossible it is to raise the $5 million (yes, that’s millions) to run for the Alabama Surpreme Court and how she felt when she had to collect campaign dollars (mostly from the lawyers and their firms in front of her) in order to win a successful campaign, and then how she felt biased afterward when ruling on cases in an impartial manner.

It brings up the concept of the courts being for sale and being big business.

Will we have to go to 2 court systems–one for big business and one for the individual?  Would that solve the problem?  Right now, according to recent studies, corporations win over individuals 70% of the time, which is a huge change to the 60/40 split of years gone by.

This judge talks openly and honestly about constantly asking for contributions and having to deal with money and lawyers that appear before her.

The problem is obvious to one on the 18th floor of the daley center


This photo says it all:


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