From Sandra Black Go Fund Me and she and her family need a lawyer

Sandra Black would like you to support:

Sandra’s Family Needs a Lawyer

Donate below, or forward this email to a friend now.

As the ARDC gets ready to suspend one of the only truly low cost or pro bono defense lawyers in probate, Sandra Black and her family are looking for assistance too.

I hope a good pro bono lawyer comes to their assistance to help them out.

Let us know how it goes, Sandra.

A message from Sandra Black…

Hello, I am Sandra Black. My elderly mother, family, and I have lived under extreme abuse (not physical) and mental/emotional torture in America due to the State of Indiana’s laws that make it right to discriminate against its disabled residents. We have been cursed out, threatened, isolated/alienated, and had torture tactics used against us for years. Our family fell through the cracks of society being forced by law to live under the leadership of a cruel, greedy, severe marijuana addicted con-artist’s rules. The suffering is totally indescribable. Imagine being set-up by law, your very own government agencies and forced into exile away from your loved one without any idea how far the abuse can go. In Indiana apparently the disabled reporting abuse and a morally sick family member is considered automatically a fact that it never happened, not necessary to talk to witnesses or conduct any real investigation to determine if the allegations are true or false, they are automatic false in our case. It sounds bad, it sounds impossible, but I swear it happened. Agencies and officials all refused to do their job for years.

I want to hold them accountable by law in civil court for our losses.

This case is so unique that it would set precedence; totally change how government can allow its residents to be victimized without recourse. Cases like these no lawyer want to touch because it requires a great deal of money, a lot of hard work, expert witnesses, and research. Regular cases are simple, only refer to past cases that are just like it and win. I possess a Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s degree from Tuskegee University. My disability is work related only and could have easily been verified that I would have been a better choice for mother if anyone cared. I need your help to hold the guilty accountable and change our nations actions against its very own citizens.

Time is of the essence, my daughter told me about this site a few days ago and recently the State stepped in (February, 2015) and stopped the exile of my family, thus I think the statue of limitations is ticking away now. Meaning that if a lawsuit is not filed quickly, I may be in danger of losing any right so whatever to file a lawsuit. The exile lasted from 2010 to 2015, which does not include mention of the abuse/neglect.


We need a lawyer to set precedence in this country and to show our government that the people are tired of government literally destroying the lives of people and behaving as if that’s what should be done, turning a blind eye and deaf ears. I want to hire a team of lawyers to not only use all the great well documented information that I have collected over the years proving KNOWN REPORTED ABUSE AND NEGLECT, but the use of experts to dive into subpoena information of the torture/abuse that I do not know about or have access to behind the scene as well. This will be very costly and greatly change the laws for the people forever.
Currently we live in a society where our government and officials show very little concern for the needs of the people. Big corporations, locking up the citizens, destroying the financial security of the people, the right to freedom of speech, embracing corruption and idiotic incompetent decisions that lead to victimization are just a few of what this case will address. If you ever wanted to do anything to stop the upper 1%, then this is the case you should donate to.
I swear with all my heart to donate and use all my court winnings for the cause of uniting, educating, and empowering the 99% against these same issues that tried to destroy my family. I am an adamant advocate for this cause. After years of isolation and abuse, the STATE has finally stepped in and allowed my mother, Mildred Barber fair visitation with her daughter, Sandra Black. Do you think it should have taken years just to have the right to care for your mom and stop abuse/neglect? If your answer is no and you want to support the cause of ending the rule and entitlement of the upper 1%, please show your support here and now. Thank you Continue Reading >>

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