An article from the Chicago Trib today–news for them, deja vu for me!

This is the comment I posted on in response to the story,0,4718153.story


You can contact me anytime about dozens of stories of corruption in Crook County anytime or read my blog at

my comment:
I am a lawyer in Chicago, fighting corruption and I can tell you over a hundred stories on that issue (there is a reason it is “crook county”). but my story today is HEY, THAT WAS ME. I was told just weeks ago in court room 1804 that I could not blog with my computer. I put it away. Then I was told no note taking, I had to sit there and do nothing. This is FROM THE DEPUTIES OF COOK COUNTY. I had a fit and published on my blog. I gave the deputies a lecture impromptu on first amendment rights. What did they respond? It would LOOK BAD to our supervisor so they have to do this (abrogate the first amendment). I faxed Timothy Evans, presiding judge of the entire Cook County Court system and Sheriff Dart that this looks like corruption. How did they respond? When I went to renew my attorney ID so I do not have to stand in line in security and go through the scanner and xray for my belongings, they TOOK IT AWAY. Are we in US of Russia or what? But it is the public that has to DEMAND democracy. I am nearly a lone attorney (Kenneth Ditkowsky is another brave attorney fighting for your first amendment rights and so is Michael Gearheart and Lanre Amu) but the public has to demand respect for our rights. Us few attorneys, not believing in the “powers that be” and an “attorney code of silence” cannot do it alone. Please, write, fax and contact Sheriff Dart, Presiding Judge Timothy Evans and the ARDC and tell them YOU DEMAND YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

Other excuses I am told why I cannot blog (note take with a computer and publish on the internet) or take notes:  only the court reporters can do that, you might get it wrong, you have to be certified.

Please, no, the US Constitution and the Illinois Constitution do NOT require certification for anyone to participate in a democracy.

We don’t have a king and queen any longer.  We shot the redcoats for that.

I am sorry, but there is no King Presiding Judge Timothy Evans, nor is there any King Sheriff Dart.

Remember the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood? Well Robin Hood as a child, it turns out was a neglected and abused “ward” of the Chancellor.  He never forgot and that is why he became the nemesis of the Sheriff of Nottingham, fighting for the rights of the commoners and peasants in England.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Write, call and fax Judge Evans and Sheriff Dart today and demand your First Amendment rights to have your cell phones, note take, blog and calendar all you want in court. Even record.  These are public courtrooms with public conversations and proceedings.

The attorneys for too long have assisted, aided and abetted the courts and judges in a “code of silence” which has resulted in hands down, the most corrupt jurisdiction  in the country, as noted by numerous studies.

We have to change this. We have to bring problems to the light of day and insist that things change and that we do want justice, honor, integrity and truth in Cook County.


3 thoughts on “An article from the Chicago Trib today–news for them, deja vu for me!

    • LOL, you make me laugh! I agree it’s about on the same level of petty vindictiveness–except these people took oaths to uphold the laws and constitution of Illinois and the U.S.
      Knitting, that’s a new one. Did they add in crochet too? What about Tunisian with a double hook? Finger knitting, I can do all of those!

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