From Ken Ditkowsky–his thoughts on Prof. Jones and note taking

From: kenneth ditkowsky <
Sent: Jun 9, 2014 9:39 PM
To: Janet Phelan <,
Michael Edwards <
Subject: Re: Ditkowsky v IARDC Petition for Writ of
Certiorari (June 6 2014)

Ken Ditkowsky

As you are aware JoAnne and I filed a civil rights  lawsuit in the NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS which we sued  Stern/Farenga/Schmiedel and Jerome  Larkin.   We did not sue the IARDC.

The judge, as likely to be expected, dismissed the suit stating  immunity – Larkin was treated as
having sovereign immunity (the court suggesting that he  was as administrator of the IARDC a ministerial  employee.)     As to Stern/Farenga he  found that they were acting as GALs[when our civil rights were violated] and therefore immune under Illinois law.

By a prior cover, JoAnne and I sent you a copy of our  brief.    THE BRIEF WAS FILED IN THE 7TH CIRCUIT  COURT OF APPEALS.  JoAnne will send you another
copy.     The 7th Circuit has not  ruled on our brief yet.   As we did not sue the IARDC and we
sued them for their personal actions it is probable that if  we get the liberal judges sitting on the court we  win.   If we hit the conservatives will have  a bit of trouble.  Our civil  rights suit has an excellent chance of success as there is a reported case that is on all fours with ours.

The other suit involves the Democratic party’s attempt to discourage campaign contributions to Scott Walker by  conducting bogus criminal investigations in the nature of  the IARDC proceedings.   The 7th Circuit stopped them in their tracks.

On Mon, 6/9/14, Janet Phelan <

Subject: Re: Ditkowsky v IARDC Petition for Writ of
Certiorari (June 6 2014)
From: kenneth ditkowsky <
Sent: Jun 9, 2014 10:32 PM
Eric Holder <,
JoAnne Denison <
Subject: 18 USCA 4/Himmel

Ken Ditkowsky

The Chicago Tribune editorial today reports more
assaults on the First Amendment by Judge Sullivan.
The violations reported including what amounts to the  wrongful false imprisonment (kidnapping) , assault,  violation of the Constitutional rights are very  serious.    Where is Mr. Jerome Larkin and the  IARDC?   Certainly at this point in time Mr.  Larkin is aware that he is charged with protecting the  public –  Professor Jones is a member of the public  whose rights were clearly violated by a Judge who should be  charged with knowing the First Amendment prohibitions.

Attorney JoAnne Denison was subjected to the said type  of assault and again Mr. Larkin not only remained silent but  aided and abetted the criminal behavior.    Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 I am reporting this 18 USCA 371 action  by Mr. Larkin to Law enforcement and as a citizen demanding  that this terrible conduct be subjected to an HONEST
complete and comprehensive investigation.

Ms. Denison, Professor Jones and all person visiting the  Circuit Court of Cook County are entitled to  the  protection of the  First Amendment.    There  is no excuse for the public policy of the State of Illinois (735 ILCS 110/5) to be ignored.
Mr. Larkin is paid a substantial salary to  administrate the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary  Commission.   His action in ignoring the  Chicago Tribune reports as to the indignity that was  afforded Professor Jones and Ms. Denison is
reprehensible.    His prosecution of Ms. Dension  for her operation of a blog is beyond contempt!
It is clearly wrongful.

The IARDC has had the opportunity to prosecute these assaults on the First Amendment.    It has as  usual ignored its function and mission.
Pursuant to Himmel I am again notifying them of this  terrible situation reported in the Chicago Tribune.

From Ken Ditkowsky, former attorney for reporting on corruption

Protest Mr. Ditkowsky’s suspension of 4 years by writing Mr. Larkin at the IARDC
150 E Randolph St, 15th Floor
Chicago, Illinois

or fax him or email him at the address shown on our website under whom to fax or email

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