From Atty Michael Gearhart, please support changed child visitation legislation

As you are aware, Michael Gearhart requests shared visitation be in place between father and mother, and is an automatic guarantee, unless one parent is found to be unfit.

Due to bias in the courts, sometimes one parent, though not declared unfit, is given no visitation at all, which is shameful and must be corrected.

Please support his efforts below:

From: “Michael Gerhardt (GGH LAW)”
Sent: Jun 10, 2014 9:46 AM
Subject: Child Support Advisory Committee meeting update

CSAC is now saying that a draft of the proposed legislation on child support will be ready by next meeting (Monday, September 8, 2014 – be there).


But more interesting.  Many advocates (particularly Sheila and Dave) have pounded away with FOIA’s, asking for a recording of the meetings, or allowing the public to record.  (Under the Open Meetings Act, we can record).  After discussing with their attorneys’ they have determined that we can record.  And they will go one further, record all future meetings for an “official record.”  So I say, FOIA the recordings; but more importantly, come to the next meeting and when there is the “Public Comment” period, make your past comments so that they may now go into the “record”, whereas your comments, never made it “into the record” in the past.  This is important because, there will be testimony on the proposed Bill.  And I guarantee that testimony by the CSAC (actually, Pam Lowry, who is really not a Committee member, although you would have guessed that she was the Chair, based on how she acts in the meeting.) will be, “There was no opposition.” We have heard this a 1000 times before.  Put your concerns into the “official record.”


Also interesting, this was the shortest meeting and the one with the least substance.  If this holds up in the future, the “public comment” periods will be very long because the meeting is to go until 3:30.  Let’s get our concerns in.



Michael D. Gerhardt

Law Offices of

Gerhardt & Haskins LLP

730 West Randolph Street

Chicago, Illinois 60661


NEW FAX: 312-284-4815

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