Excellent Excerpts from Mr. Lanre’s Brief–an honest, suspended attorney

I wanted to let everyone know that Mr. Amu has prayed (he is very religious) and has let Spirit guide him.  Which of course means he will be out at the Daley Center every day he can (and the ARDC, I hope) protesting the goings on in the Cook County Court System and in Illinois and the nation everywhere the law is X but what the courts are doing is Y.


photo (c) Joanne Denison, copyright 2014, all rights reserved

He is happy and proud as a clam alerting dozens and dozens of attorneys to the plight of himself, myself and Ken–attorneys that speak out and want TRUTH, HONESTY, JUSTICE and INTEGRITY in our court system are being made martyrs and posterchildren by the ARDC.  People who go to court, read my blog, contact me about what the law X is and how they got Y are in direct support of this and the blog.

I am told he is meeting plenty of people that can help and he is giving them his card.  He has met Andy Shaw from the Better Govt. Assn, and some attorneys from larger firms that will look into pro bono assistance for honest attorneys speaking out against the powers that be and who are being prosecuted and persecuted for it.  We need that level of help and protection.  He has met state and federal representatives coming and going from the Daley center and informed them of the situation with the ARDC looking the other way while shenanigans flourish from scallywag attys.

He needs a poster, and is working on it.  I suggested “Suspended Attorney working for TRUTH, HONEST, JUSTICE and INTEGRITY needs YOUR outcries and WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION”

I am sure he will come up with something appropriate.

Favorite quotes from his SCOI  brief:

Nothing like quoting a politician trying to get into office is always an amazing and wonderful activist for change, but when the butt is planted firmly in the chair of his office:

“hindsight now appears to be mere double speak geared toward winning the peoples’ votes to get on the Illinois Supreme Court:”I represent working families as their lawyer…People want Courts that don’t favor the rich and the politically connected. They want Judges who have commonsense and a commitment to fairness . . . “-Thomas L. Kilbride.

With all due respect, an authentic man should be a man of his Words. The
ruling in my case is not consistent with Justice Kilbride’s words” [When Justice Kilbride is campaigning for office of Justice at the Ill. Sup. Ct.]

Attorneys who are in the courtrooms everyday are in the best position to know what is going on in those courtrooms. In over 15 years of practice in our courtrooms, I have never seen an Illinois Supreme Court Justice or the ARDC inside the trial courtrooms I practice in-they are not in the courtroom trenches to know first hand what is going on there. Attorneys who have first hand experience of the courtrooms occurrences are thus best positioned to police judicial corruption therein because: they are trained in legalese, they can decode legalese unlike the uninitiated public not trained in the nuances of the law, they are in the courtrooms virtually on a daily basis, and they can see what an individual with a single case in court cannot easily see or know. The system of regulation of lawyers should be reformed to remove lawyer regulation away from the ambit of the judiciary – i.e., the Illinois Supreme Court Justices via ARDC. There should be complete independence in the two professions vis-a-vis the operation of Our Court system. If attorneys cannot effectuate reform by speaking out without risking their law licenses and
livelihood, then there is no incentive to expose judicial corruption and improve the system of Administration of Justice in Illinois Courts. Without lawyers’ input, the Judges are thus left to police their own corruption-but experience has shown that the judges are unable to police their own corruption-they simply cover it up; the lawyers in the best position to see corruption and expose it cannot due to the risk of suspension or disbarment; the Feds who have the responsibility and authority to prosecute judicial corruption are neither in the courtrooms at all times nor involved in the nuances of any
case to know what is happening; the media will not expose judicial corruption…

fortunately for Mr. Amu, many cases (except ARDC trial court cases, which they LOVE to cite –and a lawyer is not supposed to cite those, but the ARDC does) the SCOTUS cases agree with whistleblowing lawyers.  SCOTUS protects lawyers if and when a case gets to them.  SCOI is not.  They choose, supervise and now control the ARDC–a group that was nowhere when Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth were pulled, Lydia Tyler–Alice Gore–Rose Drabik were drugged and not given food or water for days until they passed over to a place where they would not be an inconvenient burden to those who has exhausted their loot.  Carol Wyman’s husband was done with her and struck a deal with a probate atty to put her in a locked down nursing home and sell the home for her fee.  Where was Justice Kilbride and his beloved words and Jerome Larken then, protecting these ladies?  Oh, that’s right.  They were old and frail and helpless and unlikely to take to the streets, write about a gazillion blog posts, letters and faxes so they did not matter.  They were a burden and on their way out.  Lie an old dog, cat or rabbit that cannot walk and hunt, they get taken to the vet and put out of their misery.

In fact, many states have Whistleblower laws just for attys, but I hear they are mostly ignored.  sigh.

 “so no one is policing judicial corruption. Judicial Corruption is not effectively addressed in the appellate review process. Experience has shown that it is simply excused and covered up. Judicial corruption in Illinois is effectively a closed System. Judicial Corruption Is the 500 Pound Gorilla in the Room Which Everyone Ignores. Who Will Bell the Cat?”


I will get more quotes later and publish the entire brief.  I suggested he also upload Ken’s brief to SCOTUS because he did such a good, well researched job he is a great candidate for argument before the US Supreme Court on the rights of lawyers and I want to be right there.



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