What happens when Pres. Obama retires and returns to Illinois with a bundle of cash?

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Imagine this scenario.   President Obama’s **** decides he needs a guardian.   She files a petition and Judge Connors or Stuart is assigned.   Naturally the  President’s doctor is not going to certify him as incompetent and in need of guardian, so Judge Connors recommends that they get another doctor.    Adam Stern recommends Dr. S or Dr R or Dr. A.    Both of  these individuals as a matter of rote will certify incompetency and have done so.   Thus, we now have the documentation.   

Of course, Mr. Stern will talk to the president and will  inform the Court that Obama is disinterested in having a  lawyer, and even though he has explained the situation to  the President *****.    Judge Connors then  determines that Carl Rove would be an ideal guardian, and  Peter Schmiedel a perfect attorney.

You think that the foregoing is fantasy – this is what happens almost daily – the only difference is the fact that the president has clout – Mary Sykes, Alice Gore et al do not and their families and supports can be intimidated.      This dirty little secret is being kept from the public as the amounts of money garnered are just short of incredible.    

I do not know if the Supreme Court will take my case, but they should.   It is pure first amendment.   Does a lawyer in 21st America have a right to complain when the new National Socialists prey on the elderly and the disabled!    Quite frankly, the level of frustration that many of the family members feel is so great that it will not be long before some of the miscreants are going to have to deal with their  victim’s Second Amendment ****.

Ken Ditkowsky, experienced corruption consultant and former attorney corruption victim

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