From Ken Ditkowsky–It’s time to stop the whitewash

Dear Readers;

When I was in law school, they really cautioned us about how a lawyer treats witnesses.  I was told we were not to lie to them, try to change their testimony, intimidate or coerce them, if it was for a civil, and esp. for a criminal trial and mostly a defendant could not talk to or go near a victim–and that included the attorney.

Now we have the antics of Sharon Opryszek, brushed off by the ARDC and Atty Tom Zimmerman, special counsel.

It makes for some very interesting contrast.

Here are some comments from Ken below:


On Jun 25, 2014 6:48 AM,
 "kenneth ditkowsky" <>
  The responses to the coverup of the witness tampering at the
 IARDC hearing has revoked some interesting responses.   The
 forwarded response is indicative of how the public reacts
 when confronted with pure and simple corruption  and
 intellectual dishonesty.
  The self examination of the IARDC is guaranteed to
 'white wash'  their conduct as they never reach the
 question that is presented.    When an expected witness
 who is expected to give testimony that is adverse to the
 Administrative agency is threatened or there is an attempt
 to intimidate that is called 'witness tampering.'  
 The threshold is not very high, and therefore, an ethical
 attorney is advised to stay away from communications that
 might even give a hint of intimidation.    Not only has
 Ms. Opryszek attempted ex-party communications with witness
 Gloria Sykes (so did Leah Black), but Ms. Opryszek's
 statements were so threatening that in my opinion State of
 Illinois criminal charges could have been brought.   This
 is especially true as Opryszek was frugal with the truth!  
  The building as an example had no policy to deny Ms. Sykes
 or anyone else having a 'treatment' animal the
 companionship of the animal.  Of course Zimmerman found
 that lying to a witness, attempting to intimidate a witness is in the
 highest standards of the legal profession when engaged in by
 the moral guardians of he profession.

 The fact that Ms. Opryszek appears to have a history of such
 conduct going back to her former employment apparently also
 is not note worthy when government operates under the theory
  Witness tampering is another serious felony that appears to
 be common-place in Mr. Jerome Larkin's Attorney
 Registration and Distortion commission.    The fact that
 undisclosed public funds are being spent by this
 Administrative agency has other serious consequences that
 should be the subject of an honest complete and
 comprehensive investigation.    With the Nadir of the
 legal profession sending the standards of conduct for the
 2nd oldest profession it is no wonder that the public has so
 low an opinion of lawyers.   With Larkin teaching ethics as
 part of Continuing legal education the comedy continues.
 Mr. Holder - this stuff is actually happening!    The Saga
 of the Justice System in Illinois is a National Joke!  
 prosecuted more diligently that any of the recent wars
 America has been engaged in around the world.    We do not
 need terrorists to destroy America - we have JEROME LARKIN
 and his ilk who are boring from within at the backbone of
 our democracy!    The situation is f--king intolerable!
  Kenneth Karl Ditkowsky

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