In re Carol Wyman–Blind as a Bat, Deaf as Stone

Finally received the briefing schedule on Carol Wyman.  If the Appellate court does it’s job, she will be free from state imposed tyranny by May, 2013.

What a sad state of affairs.

Link to Briefing Schedule In Re Carol Wyman, Court of Appeals, 2nd District

Of course, it is not too late for Sharon Rudy, Kim Timmerwilke McKenzie and Judge Fabiano to do the right thing and dismiss this case for lack of jurisdiction and I implore them to do so now, before briefs are submitted and the Wyman family continues their pain and anguish in this matter.

The Illinois Probate Act is clear that notice must be given to all adult children and siblings by petitioner notifying them in writing of the time, date and place for hearing on guardianship 14 days in advance.  SRR did not do this.  SRR must call for the case to be dismissed/nonsuited, because she is an officer of the court.  KTM must call for the case to be dismissed/nonsuited because, as Guardian ad Litem she is supposed to be the “eyes and ears of the court.”  Judge Fabiano should dismiss the case because it is the duty of the court, prior to taking jurisdiction and issuing any rulings or substantive orders to review the Summons and Complaint, Affidavit of service and make sure it was properly served 14 days in advance of the hearing AND look for the Sodini notices and a Certificate of Service.  Had she done this back in July of 2009 a great travesty of injustice upon the Wyman family might have been averted.

I guess no one likes to admit they were wrong in Rockford, or a court does not have jurisdiction, or the eyes and ears of the court are as blind as a bat and as deaf as stone.


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